Draper Temple Open House

We were able to go to the Draper Temple Open House this past weekend and it was SO amazing!!  What a beautiful temple!  Liv was amazing as well .... I think she knew it was a special place.  She was seriously silent the entire time we were in there and let me hold her ... which is a HUGE thing!  She loves to run around and talks non-stop.  We had a blast!
The Thain family

Also yesterday my little bugaboo turned 14 months ... which is a huge thing for me just because I was that age when my Mom had Erin... which is crazy!  Olivia is seriously the most fun little girl and we all just love her to pieces!!  So of her many favorite things right now are:
-  Whistling .... yes she taught herself how to whistle and is better then me!
-  Pulling all the dvd's out and then handing them to me one by one
-  Cuddling with Daddy before bed
-  Talking her little gibberish constantly
-  Playing with Mom's shoes
-  Pulling all the ziplock bags out and making a nice trail for me :)
-  Playing hide and go seek
-  Putting on a show for strangers
-  Saying hi and waving to everyone she sees .... that gets REALLY fun at the mall .....
-  Seasame Street
There are SO many things about her and we just love her huge personality, I wouldn't want it any other way ... even though she wares me out!  Happy 14 month Liv!!!


Valentines Day!

We had such a fun-filled Valentines Day!!  It was so fun having it on a Saturday and being able to do things all day long.  Olivia is OBSESSED with stuffed animals and last year Matt got her a cute frog she won't sleep without, so we decided to take her to build-a-bear this year.  It was packed there but we had a blast with Liv.  She really picked everything out herself ... she is one stubborn girl!  Matt is the best and spoiled me yet again!  I love him and Liv so much, they really make me so happy!!  I hope everyone had a great Valentines!

This was a year ago ..... WOW!
And our wild woman this year!!
Mommy & Livie
Stuffing her bear!!
Daddy and Liv cleaning the bear and getting it dressed
Our family!  I know Liv looks tired .... but she really did have a blast there!


Discovery Gateway

My cute sister-in-law invited Liv and I to go down to the Discovery Gateway with her and her boys the other day.  I hadn't taken Olivia down yet and have always wanted to.  WOW did she love it!!  Honestly she went nuts and it was so cute!!  We for sure need to go back soon!!
Her & Max playing
Funniest story .... so this darling little girl was sitting on this car and Liv ran up and pushed her everywhere!!  They both were giggling so hard and it was SO cute!  Yeah we didn't know the poor little girl either .....
These fun balls and the kitchen were her favorite, she honestly was playing with them for over an hour! 
She was a little scared of the horse!
She also LOVED this car and sat in it forever!



When we found out we were having a little girl, the first thought I had was I could get to do her hair all fun!  I was SO excited about this (and many, many other things) but soon after we had her I realized this was not going to happen until she was at least 5.  Yes that is right, I got a MAJOR baldy .... don't get me wrong I am in love with her little head, and yes I love the bows and I do realize when I can do her hair I will probably resent it :) .... so I had to do a post on this monumental day where I got her to finally sit still and get a good curl out of her hair with a mini curling iron -- WAHOO!!  Too bad her hair is too soft and hairspray will only hold for a little bit ..... but I got pictures to prove she had it!!!!


I mean honestly .....

Can this little "angel" ... and yes that is her fake smile .... create such a mess??
Oh yeah and this is actually not a mess compared to what she can really do!  And this was all done while I cleaned up breakfast .... 2 mins tops ...