The Fair

Oh how we LOVE the State Fair!! Lots of animals, The big yellow slide, FUNNEL CAKE!, all the crazy people, roller coasters, ah so much fun! Our kids just loved everything about it and made it even more fun. Liv is quite the daredevil and went on every crazy ride Matt and I wanted to take her on ... and loved every second of it!

The Big Yellow Slide
The Baby Slide
This girl's LOVES her pony rides
Lovin the carousel
And my favorite ... the treats!
And I just had to throw this in .... even tho Matt will kill me .... but seriously this kid cracks me up .... Liv runs around in dress ups about 95% of the day and he has caught on ....


I will never forget

I was sitting in AP English and will never forget a teacher running in and yelling that a plane had just hit one of the twin towers and to turn the television on. And my English teacher made us continue our work like nothing happened .... a couple minutes later another teacher ran in and turned our television on .... right as the second plane hit ..... I will never forget those horrible images I saw of people jumping out of the towers, of the towers falling, of those grieving for loved ones. I will never forget how happy I was to see my Mom that day, I will never, ever forget the faces of the children that were born that year without a father, and I will never forget the heroism of those men and women that saved lives and lost their own. I will never forget.