Swim Lessons

Liv just finished her first round of swim lessons and she LOVED them!! We have a serious water dog on our hands and she is not afraid of anything! It was so great doing them with fun friends and being able to hang out with them every day at the pool!!

Here she is with her cute buddy Jack ... you can't tell but Liv had her arm around him .... putting the moves on already!
Learning to swim!

My buddy while Liv was in her lessons


3 Months Old Today!

At 3 months our little man ....

- LOVES his food .... loves it!
- Loves to giggle
- Smiles all the time
- HATES dairy .... sucks for me
- Loves when Livie runs around him
- Is an awesome sleeper
- Loves his jungle gym
- Kicks his legs ALL DAY
- Loves to talk, talk, talk
- Is already wearing some 6-9 month clothes .... what?
- Loves to pull my hair
- Loves to suck on his hands ... all day long
- Loves sticking his tongue out
- Loves to be held lately
- Loves to cuddle on my chest when he is sleepy
- He the best baby ever and we love this little guy so much!!!


Fourth of July Weekend

We had such a fun fourth of July weekend! Fishing, shopping, swimming, fireworks, BBQing, & Bee's game, such a great weekend!!!

Matt took Livie fishing while Jack and I went shopping with my aunt and cousins ... I think something is wrong with that picture :)
Liv's getting ready with her doll in one hand and her Book of Mormon in the other :)
I hate that this picture is blurry, but it was my favorite of the 15 I tried to take ....
Jake and Jackson had on matching shirts, they totally planned it
Eating at Cowboy Grub right before the big rodeo!
I LOVE the Oakley rodeo!
At the Bee's game in a suite .... Liv was in heaven cheering the bee's on and having all you can eat food ....
Jack LOVED the game .... was smiley the whole time

We had to get a picture of our family, because the last time Matt and I were in this suite, it was our FIRST date!! Now we have two kiddos ..... crazy!
Ok this little fella LOVES fireworks ... no joke people they were SO loud and he just watched them .... and was just the same when we did our own!