... Easter Dress Sunday ...

One of the most fun things about having a girl is dressing them up! Since Easter is over General Conference, and hopefully the Sunday after we are home with a baby :), I had Liv wear here dress this week! I love this little outfit .... fits her to a T!

... So taking pics of a psycho 2 year old is pretty much impossible, but we did get this smile when boys were walking down the street .... can we say flirt?
Livie and her Daddy ... and I can I brag about how good my hubby looks?! Perfect timing with me MAJOR pregnant but I am SO proud of him!


My Liv

I just had to do a post on how much I love this wild, little thing. As we get really close (two weeks!) to having our little guy come, I am starting to get a little anxious about my sweet girl. It has been her and I non-stop for two years, she has been the greatest lunch pal and shopping buddy. We have our schedule down and have fun with just us girls during the day. I hope she will still know how much I love her and how she is still my best pal, especially when we are adjusting and not out and about doing fun things for her ..... I do know she will be the BEST big sister though!! Don't know what I would do without my wild thing!!!