Baby Jack

Jackson Matthew Nordhoff is here and so perfect!! He surprised us on April 11th at 5:28 am and weighed in at 6 lbs 15 ounces and 19 inches long. It is a good thing he is such a sweetheart because the last few weeks he put us through craziness!! Going into labor a month early, kidney infection, kidney stone, and then to top it off he is almost born in the car ..... yes you heard that right, the car! So I started getting contractions around 3 am .... 15 mins apart and not too strong, I had been having braxton hicks so this was nothing new to me. A little after 4 it was still the same, but we called the hospital just to see what they thought. I was told to take two tylenol and get in the warm tub and it would stop ..... yeah let's just say they went from 15 mins and nothing to 1 min and I thought I was dying. Really. We hurried to the car, left Liv asleep, and flew to the hospital. Matt somehow got us there in like 2 mins and got me inside and explained what happened. They then told me I was almost a 9 ... my being the dummy asked when I could have my epidural and was kindly told that was not a possibility. I kind of freaked out. No really freaked out. It was horrible. Worst pain ever, but he was born about 20 mins later and we love him so much! Matt was amazing, I mean really amazing as I am crying/screaming about how I can't do this, he stayed so calm and was such a support. I am so grateful for him! And Liv has been LOVING him and has been an amazing big sister! I am so thankful for our little family! Sorry for the story and all the pics, not sure when I will be able to blog again :)

My cute Dad has been waiting for this :)
Check out the hair .... yes Liv was bald and blonde .... he will be getting a haircut before her!
Liv's New Baby book she got in the hospital
Our first family photo!!
Liv is SO cute with him, a little rough, but so cute!

Going home!!


Easter Weekend

We had such a fun weekend, which was LONG overdue after the crazy week we had. On Saturday we took Liv to Thanksgiving Point to the Dinosaur Museum and as we were getting there, the Easter egg hunt was just ending so we were able to enjoy some of the fun for free!

Liv threw a major tantrum when we made her get off this slide ... after riding it about 15 times with poor Dad

This little girl is hilarious .... no likey the sand on her hands
The scariest part of the museum and her MOST favorite part
Nice outfit and the phone was glued to her face all night ..... great
Lucky for Liv the Easter Bunny showed up!
Daddy was in charge of buying her a trike .... I was thinking plastic, cheap, but oh no he had to get the "coolest" one out there :) LOVE IT!
Finding her basket in her favorite spot in our closet!
Making herself sick with candy
Testing out her new golf clubs
Oh yeah!
Oh how I love this picture!! Liv will NOT eat cereal ... unless it is from Daddy's bowl and the second he starts pouring the milk she is running to get the biggest spoon we have .... gotta love her!
Cute Grandpa Nordhoff showing her what the Easter Bunny brought her at their house
Going through more gifts at Grandma and Grandpa Thain's ... spoiled
Testing out that new bike! Still getting the hang of pedaling .....