Preschool Halloween Program

This was the first program for preschool that Liv has done and I was SO proud!! It honestly was so cute and Liv knew every word and action to all the songs ... it was so great!

Our little Ariel
She sure loves to perform!
Oh so proud
Liv and Dad eating their treats ... and isn't the peacock the cutest thing ever?!
Us and Liv .... can I tell you how nice it was to not have to worry about Jack ... seriously it was awesome!
Liv and I ... check out the fruit punch mustache :)
Liv and her cute teacher Miss Kristen
Liv's entire class with their teacher
Showing off her little craft
Ariel and Buzz .... can I tell you how fun it is that we have a good friend in the class? We LOVE it!!


Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago we went to a little pumpkin patch and let the kids go wild. They wouldn't stop long enough to get too good of pictures, but they were both in heaven!! I seriously love this time of the year!

Cheesing it up
LOVE this face!
The kiddos and I
Almost every picture of Jack is like this .... running back and forth between all the pumpkins
Liv had a blast on the slide .... until we realized it cost money every time you went! Until next year!

Five Years

Happy 5 years to my one and only!!


Vegas Times 2!

I was lucky enough to go to on two separate trips to Vegas and St. George, just a few short weeks apart from each other. The first trip was with Matt's entire family, adults only, and we had such a fun time! My In-laws are awesome and they treated us to such a fun trip! We got to see "O" from the third row and it was amazing!! This is pretty much the only picture I had but we shopped and ate and saw a movie and a show .... it was awesome!
My Mom takes my sisters and I on a girl's trip each year and about two weeks after I got home from the first trip I left on this one! We had a blast and shopped WAY too much, ate WAY too much food, and saw The Little Mermaid at Tuachan .... it was such a great trip!!

Getting ready to leave .... Jack knew something was going on and wouldn't let go
At dinner after shopping for about 12 hours straight!

Pizza Factory before the play
It was so good, I just wish Liv was there that night .... she would have loved it!

I made Jen get pictures with Ariel and Prince Eric for Liv ....


The Magical Land of Cornbelly's

One of our most favorite things about fall is the Cornbelly's Corn Maze down at Thanksgiving Point. A few weeks ago we went down with our good friends the Munk's and had such a great time! The kids run and run and play and run and have the time of their lives. I think we are even headed back again this weekend to wear the kids out even more:)

Oh my little Mister
Crazy Liv .... now there are not many pictures of her because honestly all she did was run around with her good buddies Zack and Max .... and the last thing she wanted was to hold still
We caught her favorite, the pumpkin princess, leaving right as we got there so we were able to grab a quick picture!
crazy boy
Driving the train
Loving the big slide
The boys with some of the kiddos
Our fam .... nice closed eyes Liv :)
Haha I love this .... Jack wasn't so sure about riding the horse with his sister ... can you blame him?
Loving it here
He was so worn out after that he could have cared less about the hat over his eye ..... love it!


A Big Day

I have SO many things to post about and I am so behind, but first things first ..... yesterday was a big day in our house!! It was Liv's first primary program and Jack's first day of nursery!! It is true that Jack didn't quite make it to nursery since it is about 2 hours after his bedtime and he turned into a little monster man the second we got to church .... but I got a picture to try and document it! AND Liv .... oh Liv .... she thought the program was ALL about her ..... seriously she put on quite the show for everyone .... it was quite the production. But at least Jack can now GO to nursery and Liv provided LOTS of comic relief .... at least that's what I am telling myself :)