Jen & Matt's Wedding Extravaganza!

On Friday my cute, little sister Jenny got married!! We love her husband who's name is also Matt :) and are just so excited for them! It was such a wonderful week so this post is LONG! Wednesday evening we had seriously the most fun open house ever up in Logan. Matt's family did a wonderful job! It was at this amazing place that was huge and they had a bounce houses, a photo booth, a mechanical bull, ping pong, the famous Aggie ice cream .... yeah crazy right? My kids thought they were in heaven!

Jen and I
The little man enjoying his ice cream!
Liv in heaven
Matt riding the bull
Yeah now I am riding the stupid bull, but it really was so fun!
We lucked out on their wedding day and didn't have any rain at the temple ... it was gorgeous. Right after we went their dinner and reception at LaCaille and just had such a good time. Really everything turned out perfect and it was such a neat thing to see them get married!

I just love this wild, little thing!!
Doesn't Matt look awesome? Yep I think so!
Me and my other two sisters
Liv and her new favorite friend Ella ... Jenny's little niece
I love Jen's face in this :)
Aww ...
Liv LOVES Matt
All of us girls
These girls were so cute at the temple

My family .... and yes Jack is missing thank goodness! It was nap time and heaven forbid he misses that!
At the reception, which was really amazing! And yes aren't you dying with Jack's tux? My nephew wore it to Matt and I's wedding!
Liv and Ella sang "I Love To See The Temple" ... it was hilarious
Our best picture of our little family ... and yes Liv is crying because we made her stop running for two seconds ....
Oh I just love these boys

Me and my little man
Gorgeous girl in her princess dress


This is what we all felt like at 10 that night ...... but what a great day!!