Big Day!

Ok first and foremost I have to wish my amazing husband a happy father's day!!! He is the BEST and takes such great care of his girls!! Love you Matty!! We have had such a fun day with him and both of our amazing Dads!

What he was doing all last week!!
The other HUGE thing is that my baby is a year and a half!!! WHAT?!?! Yeah where did the time go! I am SO in love with this wild, little girl that it is crazy and yes she does drive me a little crazy sometimes, but she has taught me so much and has made me a better person. I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for her, Matt and I are so blessed to have her a part of our family! I hope she realizes how much we love her! So here are some of her favorite things right now:

SWIMMING!!! yes my child is a fish and thinks she can really swim ... by herself.. and this is what we will be doing all summer!
Fish .... we frequent the aquarium like 2 times a week
Running, running, and more running
Necklaces, headbands, & Purses ... especially Mom's
Playing outside
Talking!!! ... Still trying to understand some of it
Favorite words: fish, Mom, bye-bye, thank you, Daddy, meow, love you, & Grandma
Dancing ... Liv can really bust a move, I mean get this girl on So You Think You Can Dance!
Hide and go seek
Playing with our neighbor's cats
Playing with friends ... especially her cousin Logan
Terrorizing our house! :)


While the Boys Are Away....

So Matt, my Dad, and Brother-in-law went to Alaska for an entire week ..... let's just say my Dad is LOVING having sons! While the boys were fishing us girls had a lot of fun making cupcakes, sleepovers, going to the cabin, eating out every day, going to movies ... LOVED The Proposal!, Shopping, shopping, shopping, and watching way too many chick flicks! My Mom is awesome and planned a lot of fun things for us, but I am sooo glad my hubby is home!!

The joys of baking :)
Liv is OBSESSED with shoes and so I got her some cute dress-up ones .... she LOVES them!
Fun at the cabin! This is the only way to get Liv to look at the camera!



Yes it's true, my baby has been to nursery the past four weeks!!! She is not even 18 months ... oops ... but LOVES it .... seriously she runs right in and doesn't look back. What a big milestone for our little family! I can't believe how big she is getting .....

Here she is on her first day with the picture she colored!! Yes it is hanging on my fridge ... I am a dork ... and I totally wanted a picture outside nursery but I thought it wasn't appropriate :)


And So It Begins ......

Yes this started two months ago.  Yes I know the "professionals" say to wait until 18 months. Yes she sits there the entire time out. Yes she deserves it. And yes I am loving it :)