Family Pictures

Ok not going to lie, once this photo shoot was over I was REALLY nervous because Liv was .... well wild. I am REALLY please with how they all turned out though! Wish Liv would have smiled more, but hey what can you do? These are just a few of our favorites ....

Think this is our top one

Wild Woman

Totally not planned and SO SWEET!!!!



This is what happens when all you do is run full force ALL DAY LONG .... on my to-do list today is buy a helmet ..... for real ..... oh and yes those three bumps are all from three different falls, promise I am a good Mom.....


A Week In The Life of Liv

Fun playtime with her favorite cousin Logan .... sorry about the cute bum but I was in the middle of changing her and she escaped .... five seconds before this she was playing in the dirt outside ....
We had one of my long time friends visit from Cali .... her little girl Emmy was SO CUTE! This is the best pic I could get of these two .... but they followed each other around, so cute!
She got new jammies and WILL NOT take them off, probably because there is a tutu on it :)
Daddy decided to buy Liv a fish, so please meet our newest member of the family ... Gus .... poor guy is seriously watched all day long by an almost two year old, she is in heaven! Every day she gets up and asks for Gus, ah love this girl!
Gus Gus
A little OCD like Mommy, her animals MUST be lined up exactly in order....
This was her favorite thing when she was a baby .... the last few days she discovered it and won't get out .... crazy woman



Yes it is true Liv is almost two and I FINALLY left her overnight ..... ah! It was really hard dropping her off, but was the greatest thing ever when I realized the freedom I had and now I am wondering why it took me so long! The Nordhoff's took all of the adults up to a place called Zermtt in Midway .... so nice, so pretty, and sooooo relaxing!!