Thanksgiving Weekend

This holiday weekend was a blast!!!  I seriously love this time of the year!  We were up at my parent's cabin for a couple of days and had Thanksgiving there, which was SO yummy!  The rest of the weekend we relaxed, decorated, shopped, and hung out with fun friends that were in town!  I am just so grateful for so many things right now, but most importantly is my sweet husband who gives me anything and everything I want and takes such good care of his girls and also my sweet Livie!!  I can't believe she is almost 1, she has made me a better person and I am so grateful and lucky to be her mommy!!!
A little out of order but I have never shopped early on Black Friday, so when Liv woke up at nine I decided to take her in her PJ's to Target .... such a fun shopping buddy! :) And yes nine was SUPER early for me!
K seriously this is ONE of the pizzas my Dad brought up to the cabin for dinner the night before Thanksgiving and yes there were two of them, two large orders of breadsticks, and three huge salads .... for 7 people .... WOW Dad!
Liv hanging out with Anna and Grandpa
Liv's first Thanksgiving!!
Having fun with Grandma
In front of our feast and boy did Liv like it!
Her new favorite thing is walking up the stairs ... over and over ...
Liv's favorite new face to make 24/7!  Also a new church outfit .... the others were finally long enough but I couldn't zip them up ... I love that she is chubby! :)
Our tree is up!!  Yes I know, I know no ornaments on it, but all I have is 24 cheap gold balls that cost a whopping $1.99 .... I am going to try and make it cute this year
On our way to Matt's work Christmas party!


Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Matt and I decided we wanted to beat the rush and take Olivia to see Santa before Thanksgiving.  We took her to Fashion Place and boy was it a hoot!!  I knew she would cry and boy did she .... let's just say that Liv is not liking Santa Claus right now! :)  It is so much fun with kids at the Holidays, I love the Holidays anyways but Liv is making it ten times as special!!!


A Day in The Life of Olivia

So my silly, little girl is BUSY ... we just love her too death though!  There hasn't been too much going on here so I had to post some funny pictures from today!  Oh and I apologize for the nudity, but I couldn't resist :) 
Yes that is right people her favorite thing is walking around naked with her shopping cart ... crazy girl :) 
She loves her little shopping cart and I know she is going to be walking REALLY soon on her own ... AH!
Look at that face!  She knows my phone is off-limits ....
Oh my .... I am obsessed with these boots and Liv seriously is too!


Family Pictures!!

We got our family pictures taken a little while ago and I have had them back for a couple of weeks now but have just not had time to post! I think we got some good ones ..... Liv was on a roll that night with waving .... so much harder to get pictures with a child, but we are glad we got them done! P.S. Isn't my husband hot?? :)


Gardner Village and Halloween!!!

So at the beginning of the week my friends and I took all of our kids to Garner Village to see the fun witches.  It is always such a blast hanging out with everyone and all of the kids!!  Thanks girls for such a fun day!
Liv & Me!
All the kids: Liv, Logan, Tanner, Jayma & Hallie, & Brady!
Kristie, Syd, Me, Britt, & Amber
Look at all of those strollers ..... :) 

Halloween was so fun, Liv was super hyper all day ... she knew something was going on!  She loves her costume and was the CUTEST baby bumblebee I have ever seen! :)  We made a stop at both Grandparents and then went to dinner with the Mackay's and Nordhoff's and hung out after .... it was so cute seeing the kid's costumes!!  Kids make the holidays so much more fun!  I just love this little girl too death and am so grateful we have her!!