Halloween Festivities

We have been doing so many fun Halloween things lately, I just love it! This time of the year is the best. We stopped at the pumpkin patch at the last second one night and as you can tell the kids were worn out! But Liv had such a fun time picking out her pumpkin with Daddy!

Don't they look happy? :)
Our sweet, sleepy boy
Gotta love these two
This past weekend we went to Corn Belly's with Britt and Bry and their kids and it seriously was a blast!! Our kids have so much fun together and there was SO much stuff for them to do there!

Liv was dying when she saw the Pumpkin Princess
Waving in Cinderella's coach
Cute Britt and the kids
On the train
Getting ready to go down the big slide
In front of the big pumpkin tower ... this place was so awesome, it is going to be a yearly tradition for sure!


I mean seriously.....

Yes I have a wild, crazy, fun, little girl
Yes she fell and bumped her teeth up into her gums ... ouch
Yes one got infected ... praying the other one doesn't as well
Yes she now only has ONE front tooth
Yes she looks like she is in 1st grade ..... and she is not even 3
And yes it will grow back ..... eventually

One last smile with all teeth ... sniff sniff
Oh the glorious laughing gas .... Liv loved it :)
TOOTHLESS ... and still stinking cute!


Girl's Trip!

This past weekend my cute mom took my sisters and I on another wonderful girls trip to St. George and Las Vegas. We had such a great time and yes the Jack Master was invited :) ... Poor little guy! It was so nice to just hang out with the girls, relax, and shop!!

Jack LOVED the pool and this floatie
Loving Grandma
Playing with Erin ... he loves his Aunts
We went to Tarzan at Tuacahn and it was awesome! Jack did great as well and loved it!!
Me and my Jack

I love this pic of Jenny and Jack
At the fountains at the Bellagio

Jack really did so good the entire time and loved all the lights and crazy people in Vegas .... it was funny because he got so much attention from strangers down there .... don't think they are used to seeing babies ...
Eating at Serendipity .... and yes he eventually got the doughnut :)
Now I see why I was getting so many stares from people .... yes typical Mormon Mom ....


6 Months!!!!

Oh I love my boys!!!
Love Jack's face.... he just loves Liv!
SO happy all the time!

Oh my gosh I can't even believe my baby is 6 months today!!!! AH!! Seriously whereIt makes me so sad how fast time is going. Here are somethings about our little Jack right now....
- He is a major sleeper .... normally 12 hours a night!
- Loves anything and everything in his mouth
- He LOVES his big sister .... I mean his face lights up and he just giggles at her constantly ... cutest thing ever
- He is a major giggler .... this kids laughs all day long!
- He is a major eater and has been through all the baby food
- He loves popsicles .... and pancakes :)
- He has no desire to sit .... seriously child
- He still won't take a bottle ....
- He loves his jumperoo
- He gets hyper at night and is hilarious!
- He loves to talk .... a lot
- He is seriously the BEST baby ever. I am not just saying this either, I wonder all the time how we got so blessed with him! This little guy is constantly happy and content. I forget he is there sometimes, especially having a sister like Liv ... I don't know what we would do without our sweet Jack!!



These two!! Sorry for the lack of blogging, but I am just having a blast with these two, little rug rats! I really wish I could freeze time, that is until Liv poops her pants again .... but let's not dwell on that :)