6 Months!!!!

Oh I love my boys!!!
Love Jack's face.... he just loves Liv!
SO happy all the time!

Oh my gosh I can't even believe my baby is 6 months today!!!! AH!! Seriously whereIt makes me so sad how fast time is going. Here are somethings about our little Jack right now....
- He is a major sleeper .... normally 12 hours a night!
- Loves anything and everything in his mouth
- He LOVES his big sister .... I mean his face lights up and he just giggles at her constantly ... cutest thing ever
- He is a major giggler .... this kids laughs all day long!
- He is a major eater and has been through all the baby food
- He loves popsicles .... and pancakes :)
- He has no desire to sit .... seriously child
- He still won't take a bottle ....
- He loves his jumperoo
- He gets hyper at night and is hilarious!
- He loves to talk .... a lot
- He is seriously the BEST baby ever. I am not just saying this either, I wonder all the time how we got so blessed with him! This little guy is constantly happy and content. I forget he is there sometimes, especially having a sister like Liv ... I don't know what we would do without our sweet Jack!!


Kristen said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe Jack is 6 months old! You really never understand how fast children grow until you have your own, huh? It is so nuts!

Jack is so darling and such a sweety. I want to kiss that cute face!

Shaun & Jenn said...

Jess he is absolutely adorable!

Mackay Family said...

Can't believe he is already 6 months. He is so cute. Love his smiles and his "fuzzy" hair!

Whitney said...

How adorable is he?!!! You guys sure do have cute kids! When are you coming out to Disneyland or SeaWorld? I am dying to see you!

AshleeMattMaxJack said...

He is getting so big and HANDSOME!

Heather said...

He is too cute Jess! I love it! It's been too long, we need to get together!