Birthday Fun!!

We had such a fun day for Olivia's birthday .... even though it was right before Christmas! She wanted to go "jump", have Mac & Cheese, & get a Rapunzel cake .... pretty easy little girl!!

That morning I decorated her door and made a birthday sign with all the Disney Princesses .... we are a little obsessed with them right now!
She got McDonald's pancakes .... mmm! Don't you love the hat? We went to Zurchers a week earlier and she picked out all her decorations ... including this beauty :)
Bouncing off the walls at Kangeroo Zoo ... this child has NO fear ...
Jack and I going down one of the slides
Liv got spoiled and was able to have some of her cousins come ... here she is with Max
At Noodles for dinner with Daddy
The only thing she wanted for birthday was this Rapunzel cake ....

My In-Laws gave Liv this cradle that Matt had made in 9th grade wood shop .... amazing huh? Paul painted it and Jackie made this awesome bedding for it ..... SO cute!!
So this is Jenson and Jack ... in our ward EVERYONE mistakes them for each other .... still trying to see how ....
The only family picture we got all day and yep I am the only non-retarded one :)
Jack giggling with Great-Grandma


Three Years Old!

Today my Olivia is 3! We just don't know what we would do without our sweet, sassy, silly, fun-loving, full of energy, little girl!! This past year she has changed so much and has turned into quite the little lady and has become the greatest big sister. She is such a good little girl and are so grateful she is ours! Happy Birthday Livie!!
Here is my sweet newborn .... scary how fast they grow
The big first birthday
2 years old
Our big 3 year old


Dance Recital & Christmas Sunday

Liv had her very first dance recital last week and I can't tell you enough how proud I was!! She did awesome and wasn't scared at all .... all she kept asking was when it was Livie's turn to dance on the stage! Cheese!
Right before going on the stage
Mommy and Liv
She is the one on the far left :) Yes she pranced around by herself for a little bit and snuck on stage a little early, but I loved it!
Granpma and Grandpa Nordhoff
Scariest picture ever ... but this is the only one we got with Grandma Thain ... that is a gross candy cane she is chomping on ....
Our little family

On Sunday I had to dress the kids in their Christmas outfits ... it's possibly mty favorite thing ever! And this is how Liv felt about it .....
This is maybe a little better .....
The kiddies!


Tis The Season!

I LOVE this time of the year, it is packed full of fun activities and traditions with the kids and I just love it! Liv has been SOOOO fun this year, I am seriously in heaven with it. She is beyond obsessed with Santa right now .... like we have seen him at the mall 6 times .... and is so excited for Christmas!
Breakfast with Santa! My FAVORITE! And yes you Jack's hair stands straight up .... gotta love it :)
Posing in front of Santa's chimmney
A little someone would not stop eating .... loving the eggs, french toast, and cookies ....
Buddy the Elf even made an appearance! Elf is one of Liv's favorite movies right now ....
The kids with Mrs. Claus
SANTA!! Best picture we could get with both of them...
We went and saw the gorgeous lights at Temple Square this year

Jack all bundled and covered!
Daddy with the kids



Oh my gosh things have been crazy around here! Fun, but busy!! I haven't posted forever and these are a bunch of random, fun things that we have been doing!
We went to The Festival of Tree's to see Alexa's tree .... yeah picture is on my phone but it was amazing! .... but this picture is us leaving ..... I only had the single stroller and we parked so far away that I made Liv ride in it with Jack ... wow
Thanksgiving! Love these two!!!
Liv is OBSESSED with purses right now ....
This is my favorite .... she is looking at the Black Friday Ad's, starting early!!
Putting up our tree was so much fun!! Good thing there is not too much on it because Jack is crazy and pulls everything off all day long ....
Oh love him ....
We went to the Utah basketball game and had a blast, I think Jack liked it more then Liv!
We are way in too Frosty's ... snowmen ... at our house and the second it snowed Matt and Liv were outside building him! Too bad he melted .....

What happens to poor Jack about 10 times a day .....



I had my sister take some pictures of my kids the other day and yes I am obsessed with them!!! She has been doing real estate photography for a while and is so good!! If anyone is interested her website, which is just getting set up, is www.pixelpea.com and you can email her at erin@pixelpea.com for more info. Aren't my kids cute? :)