Sweet, little Shelby

My sweet, little niece was born yesterday and is an angel!!  What an amazing experience for Liv and I to be able to be in the room right after she was born .... there was not a dry eye.  I can't even tell you the amazing feeling in there, you knew people were present but not seen.  Shelby is perfect!  She weighed 6 lbs 12 ounces and was 3 weeks early .... pretty good!  Britt is my sister-in-law and best friend, how fun is that?  She was there right after Liv was born and that was another amazing experience for me ..... I am just so glad to have her as family!  We just love Shelby to pieces and are so relieved came down to earth so smoothly, congrats Britt and Bry!!!
Such a proud and happy Mommy!

Ignore the no make-up and red eyes, isn't she a doll?

WEEK RECAP: Concussion from getting hit in the head with a fly ball at Matt's first softball game ... yeah not fun ... Liv getting her first ear infection ... double ear infection that is ... and a new niece ....  all by Wednesday afternoon .... wow wondering what the weekend will hold :)



Friday was Matt's birthday so we had a ton of fun playing that night!!  
Liv getting ready to give Daddy his gifts
At the yummy Spaghetti Factory!
Our little family!
Way too much sugar!!
Yep don't even know what to say here .... :)
Yesterday my Mom and I went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  It was AMAZING!!  The only downfall was that it was $10 and with a little kid that doesn't last too long, that is kind of a lot.  Olivia loved it and kept oohing and ahhing at everything.  
Mommy and Livie .... she only wanted to look at the flowers, not the camera!e
Liv and Grandma at the cool waterfall
I took way too many pictures of the flowers ... they are gorgeous!!


Happy Birthday Matt!!!!

I just have to wish my sweet Hubby a very Happy Birthday!!!  I love him more than anything and am so grateful to be with him forever!!  He is ALWAYS making me laugh and I love it, he makes life so much fun!  He is also the greatest Dad ever and I love seeing him with Liv .... they are hilarious!  He is always spoiling me and making sure his girls are taken care of before himself ..... I love you Matt!!



We had such a wonderful, fun, crazy Easter day!  Liv was a blast this year with the Easter bunny and all of the eggs and candy!  Here was her loot .... spoiled I know....
Here she was finding the eggs that made a trail from her room to her basket ... cutest thing ever!  She loved the eggs and especially the jelly beans inside!
OBSESSED with this car!  Her little friend got it for his birthday and when she wouldn't get out of his I realized that was what she needed for Easter!  It has been a war to get her out of it ....
She also got the movie Bolt, which we have never seen, but she was in love with the posters and previews of it and when she saw the dvd she literally screamed!  Haha!
Pretty much all she ate was candy ..... she got really good at finding it :)
In her little car and yes that is a runny nose ..... should have wiped before the picture ....
This picture is out of place for some reason, but this is her and her partner in crime, Logan, at Grandma's Easter egg hunt.  They were hilarious to watch!
In her beautiful Easter Dress .... so fun!!
My two favorite people!
Our family Easter Picture!  Yes Liv is difficult for pictures now and this was the best ....
Mommy & Livie!
My cute Dad also got tickets to Wicked for that night .... yes he is in the Bishoprich and it was Easter Sunday ..... that is why we love him! :)  It was AMAZING!!  Oh my gosh I am still obsessing over how good it was .... loved it!!  By far my favorite broadway play I have seen!
We had such a great day even though it was super busy!  We got spoiled by our parents and Olivia got WAY too many presents!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


Matt's Little Vacation ....

This year Matt had an opportunity to go to the Masters and watch them practice ... needless to say he has been looking forward to this trip for a long time!  I know he will probably kill me since I am posting some pictures, but I just had to post a few...  He had a great time and a well deserved vacation, we missed him!
This is Jim Furyk and Tiger Woods ... cool huh?
The two again
Meanwhile at home I was "stuck" with this little beastie ..... can't help but love her!!