Jack's First Photo Shoot

We got Jackson's newborn pictures taken by the wonderful Lindsay Wright ... she did an amazing job!! She is awesome and I must say the photo shoot was surprisingly a breeze, both kiddos did great ... pretty sure that is the only time that will happen! Sorry there are a ton, I just have so many I love!!
P.S. No Jackson is not jaundice, he just got lucky and got his Daddy's skin ... he makes me look SO pasty in all the pictures!

First I just had to post my most favorite picture of Liv, isn't she a babe?
This is my most favorite out of all of them!!

Love my boys!!


One Month

This little stud turned one month a few days ago and I am still in shock he is even here!! He has been such a blessing and is SUCH a good baby .... now I realize how hard Liv really was .... poor little guy has been battling ear infections and a cold this past week and still has been so good! Here are some things about my little man .....

- He is a MAJOR eater .... MAJOR
- He is really strong with his head and can hold it up really well
- He is smiling and "talking" to me in the mornings and I love it!
- He is a whopping 10 lbs and is growing like crazy
- He loves to cuddle
- He loves his little jungle gym already
- Did I mention he likes to eat?
- He likes to roll back and forth from his back to his sides
- He is such a sweetheart
- He is a good sleeper and has been doing 6 hour stretches since he was 2 weeks ... love him
- I am pretty much obsessed with this little guy and can't imagine life without him!!!


.... So In Love ....

Can't get enough of this kid!