Pioneer Day!

We had such a fun 24th of July!  It was so nice to just be together and relax!  We went swimming for a while with my Mom and the Nordhoffs.  Olivia was crazy!  She loved her new toy, the floatie, and she was so obsessed with splashing that she was practically dunking herself ..... so funny!  Later on we went over to the Rosevear's house to eat, hang out, and watch the fireworks.  It was a blast catching up with people we haven't seen in a long time and the fireworks were AMAZING!  They were the ones from Butlerville Days and we had a perfect seat in their backyard!  But honestly they went on forever.  It was such a nice, relaxing day that Matt, Liv, and I were able to just be together!


New Trick!

For the last few weeks Liv has been sitting by herself!!  I had to post some cute pictures of her doing her new little trick.  She can sit for a while some of the time and other times she leans right over those cute, little legs.  We are still working on it, but she is so proud of herself when she sits!!


Lake Powell!!

NAKED BABY!!! (sorry but I had to post this pic, Liv comes alive when her clothes come off!)
My cute sisters and I
Daddy and Liv .... we had to flip up her hat so she could see and see looks like a chef or something!
Matt caught a nice striper ...... that is pretty much his favorite thing!
What a boating babe!
Matt wake-boarding ... wahoo!
     Loving the water
Hanging out with my sweet hubby while little Liv slept :) 
     Olivia was the happiest baby the entire time!

Oh we just got home from the wonderful Lake Powell and it was such a blast!!!!  Matt and I have been scared to death for this trip with Liv and can I just tell you that we have an angel child!!  Honestly she was amazing!!!  She was fine in those horrible life-jackets, took naps, and loved the boat and water!  It was like 110 degrees and the water was 80 degrees ... loving it!  We had a fun-filled time water-skiing, wake-boarding, hanging out, eating, tubing, and lounging in the sun and water.  It was such a relaxing, fun time!!


4th of July

This is my cute cousin Heather and her little guy Kyler .... so cute!  He is a little over two months older then Liv.
Such a Daddy's girl still!

Four-wheeling fun!  Olivia actually fell asleep on it .... yes that is right, asleep!!!
Cute, little Kyler was just like the other boys .... he didn't like Liv's bow!  He kept trying to pull it off!  Haha!
Oh you have got to love that smile!

Oh what a great 4th of July we had!!  My parents bought a cabin a couple of months ago and we have been up there non-stop, it is a blast!  We were able to go up there for a long weekend and on the 4th my cute cousins came up and we rode four wheelers, ate, played games, and just hung out.  It was so fun and now we are on our way to Lake Powell ... yahoo!!!


Yee Haw!

The one thing I absolutely love about July is the Oakley Rodeo!!  I am not the most outdoorsey (don't think that is a word...) person, but I LOVE rodeos, like I am obsessed!!  I was so excited to take Liv to her first rodeo and she loved it!  The best part was her watching the fireworks, I didn't think she would like them very much, but she loved them!!!  And of course I had to dress her from head to toe in Fourth of July gear and yes I know the bow is big, but I like it :) ..... Matt thinks otherwise ...