4th of July

This is my cute cousin Heather and her little guy Kyler .... so cute!  He is a little over two months older then Liv.
Such a Daddy's girl still!

Four-wheeling fun!  Olivia actually fell asleep on it .... yes that is right, asleep!!!
Cute, little Kyler was just like the other boys .... he didn't like Liv's bow!  He kept trying to pull it off!  Haha!
Oh you have got to love that smile!

Oh what a great 4th of July we had!!  My parents bought a cabin a couple of months ago and we have been up there non-stop, it is a blast!  We were able to go up there for a long weekend and on the 4th my cute cousins came up and we rode four wheelers, ate, played games, and just hung out.  It was so fun and now we are on our way to Lake Powell ... yahoo!!!


nbzern said...

What a cutie! Her hair bows are adorable!!!

Heather said...

Jess we had a blast up at your cabin!! We might move in! Cutest little Liv, I LOVED her bow. Have fun in Powell!

The Anderson's said...

Looks like fun! I didn't know your parents had a cabin??? I want to come. ;)

Spencer and Heather said...

Cute blog Jessica!! I don't think I knew you had a baby! She is darling and looks just like you! I am so glad you found our blog! Now we can see what your up to!

Osborne Family said...

What a blast! My hubby want's a cabin so bad. Your little girl is so cute.