Wow we had such a wonderful Christmas and it was SO much fun with Liv!! She was out of control and loved every second of it! We got too many great gifts and toys, including awesome bedding and clothes for little man .... thanks Mom and WAY too much crap for Liv! We were just so grateful to relax with our families and enjoy being together and be able to remember what this really is all about.

Christmas Eve with my family
Oh ... just love her
Opening her Christmas jammies .... she was SO excited about them having "Frosty" on them!
My Mom, Me, & my sisters
Rudolf made an apperance
and then decided to attack Dad the rest of the night :)
We had to get a picture with Frosty ... yes way too obsessed
Everything put together and ready to go Christmas Eve at our house! Seriously my favorite time is after Liv has gone to bed and just hanging out with Matt watching Elf and putting toys together
Christmas Morning!
Elmo and Liv's duck call .... yes I said duck call .... she LOVES Matt's and he always get her a few presents I don't know about .... lovely
This is my favorite picture of the day! Matt opening the CUTEST shoes I got for our little guy .... loving these boy shoes!!
The classic Liv face when opening her gifts! This was the new Ice Age movie which her and Matt love
With her fun new kitchen Santa brought!
At my parent's Christmas day
Liv was spoiled to the max .... one of her gifts was a big trunk of dress-ups which she immediately had to try out
And so did Dad .....
She also got this cow that she is IN LOVE with ... it is hilarious to watch her bounce on it all day ... at least she is getting some energy out right?
We had such a wonderful Christmas and unfortunately I didn't get my camera out at the Nordhoff's .... it is always CRAZY over there with everyone and their kids, but so much fun!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Liv's 2nd Birthday!

I can't believe it was my baby's birthday yesterday!!!! AHH!!! Liv is the greatest, little thing ever and we are so lucky to have her a part of our family! She is such a wild, crazy, sassy, sweet girl and has SO much personality .... we love it! It was such a fun day doing everything for Liv .... Kangeroo Zoo, Spaghetti Factory (her favorite ... she eats more than I do there!), WAY too many presents, & cake and ice cream with family! WE LOVE OUR LIV!!

My sweet little newborn :)
She had her special breakfast ... yum
The crazy princess wearing her crown .... backwards :)
Our birthday girl!!!!
Way too much fun at Kangeroo Zoo

Some of our cousins were able to come and meet us .... Liv LOVES her cousins!
Just us three went to Spaghetti Factory and it was so fun!
They sang to her there and she got to blow out her candle
Her new four wheeler!
Liv is OBSESSED with books, so needless to say she loved her cards and has taken them with her everywhere
Opening presents ... pretty sure she doesn't need a single thing for Christmas!!!

She got the greatest tent too .... she won't come out of it .... so awesome!

What I woke up to this morning .... her four wheeler with her horse .... perfect!



We have had a lot of fun at all of our Christmas parties!! We have had a lot of fun with cousins and Liv has been in heaven! We realized even more what a performer Liv is .... at both parties the kids act out the Nativity .... needless to say Liv stole the show with both .... not sure if this is a good thing ....

Matt's Grandma and her Great-Grandkids .... plus little man in my belly:)
Liv and Max performing ....
LOVE this pic! My sweet, little angel!
What I need to buy Liv ....
At my Mom's family Christmas party she was a lamb and wouldn't take her ears off .... or let go of a toy gun .... perfect
Her buddy
Opening her present!
We have our last big party tonight! Whew!! Also it is Liv's birthday TOMORROW!!!! AHH I can't believe I will have a 2 year old!!!


Breakfast With Santa

This past Saturday we went to Thanksgiving Point and had breakfast with Santa .... it was AWESOME! We seriously are doing this every year! We got to see Santa and get pictures, eat a yummy breakfast, frost and decorate sugar cookies, make fun crafts, and get "frosty" painted on Liv's face! Such a fun day!!

Mrs. Claus & the Grinch
Liv HATED the grinch :)
Mommy & Liv
Getting ready to see Santa
SANTA!! Liv was awesome and even talked to him about Frosty the Snowman ... yes she is OBSESSED
Coloring her Christmas list
Getting Frosty painted on!