Fish is the word I hear at least 2,396 times a day ... yes she is obssesed .... notice one in each hand .... has to take the huge whale everywhere .... crazy girl!


St. George!

Ah we just got back from the greatest St. George vacation ever! We went down with a lot of friends and just relaxed and hung out ..... HEAVEN!! LOVE all the girls down there and it was so nice to chat 24/7 .... let the boys try and watch the kids :) So great to see people from out of state and the Livie Lou had so much fun with all the kids!!

The boss and Porter
Where we spent most of our time
Gay and Deeter bug ... yes she gave birth 7 weeks ago to her 3rd child .... seriously ....
Livie & cute Ben .... wish you could see his sweet face!
Best pic I could get of the boys ... dorks
The girls ... Sarah, Dena, Michelle, Me, Gay, Cami, & Amy
Yes that bib pretty much says it all.....
LOVE them!


Jackson Hole

We were able to go up to Jackson Hole with my family over the weekend and oh do I LOVE this place!! We had a blast hiking, eating, shopping, seeing Yellowstone, fishing, swimming, & going to a yummy chuck wagon dinner! What a beautiful place and Livie seriously loved it!! As I have posted before .... she seriously is a little cowgirl and came home with her first pair of cowboy boots .... which she will not take off! We love Jackson!

Liv and Daddy fishing
Hiking with Grandpa
Liv has the right idea about hiking .... I think she gets this from her Mom :)
At the Bar J Chuck Wagon dinner!! Liv pretty much danced the whole night and entertained EVERYONE!
Matt and I in the Tetons
Go Liv!! My cute brother-in-law took Liv hiking up here and she was in heaven!
The whole fam at Jenny Lake

Haha, this is how Liv slept ... poor little thing was so worn out every night!
Watching Old Faithful
The #1 reason to go to Jackson Hole ... Billy's Burger ... BEST.BURGER.EVER!
Wading in the Hot Springs
Here is my cowgirl .... yes she was putting on a show for the whole store ....yes she screamed bloody murder when we took them off ... yes Daddy bought her a pair to wear the rest of the day (still on her feet) .... and yes she is spoiled!
The antler arches .... a picture must!


4th of July

I seriously just LOVE the 4th of July ... BBQ's, fun, swimming, fireworks, so nice! This year included all of the above ... we had such a fun BBQ in our back yard with lots of family and let the kiddo's play in the little pool and run wild. It was such a great time and I love seeing these cousins play together ... especially Liv and Logan, because they are like siblings! They are major trouble ... because my child teaches Logan, who is OLDER, naughty things .... yes Britt I apologize, she is her Father's daughter! But it is always so much fun with them, love having Britt as a sister! And thanks to her we found a killer spot to watch fireworks, which will probably be a tradition now ... oh so fun!!

Love this picture! She is so focused and got all the boys pouring water everywhere ....
Gotta love best friends!
I am pretty much obsessed with this little guy, SO CUTE!! Seriously he is always so happy!!
Ok, ok maybe this is my favorite picture .... like I said she is her Father's daughter!!!
Both Liv and I are a little obsessed with shoes .....
Fireworks!!! Britt had these two on her lap for like ten mins ... which in Liv time is a miracle!! Please ignore the binky AGAIN, we are working on it ..... :)


Yee Haw!

So as long as I have been a baby, my family has been going to the Oakley Rodeo. I seriously look forward to this all year, I just love it!! This year was by far my favorite year ever!!! Liv was SO MUCH FUN!!! Seriously people .... I have a little cow girl on my hands! She seriously was OBSESSED, I mean obsessed with the entire thing! I really wish we had our video camera, she was hilarious and all she did was yell! Gotta love the rodeo!!!

Papa Kisses

We ate at Cowboy Grub and there was this room for kids to play in, these horses just went in a circle and let's just say we had the BIGGEST tantrum EVER after we got her off of it .... seriously I tell you she is a cow girl!
Yep that is my husband trying not to break it :)
Best family picture we could get, Liv was mad we made her turn to look!
Waving to the Rodeo Queens
Pretty much sat like this the entire time!! She wanted to climb over and go play with the animals!
Getting sleepy at the end .... yes she went to bed at midnight ... oops!