We had a wonderful Easter full of candy, egg dying, family, and egg hunts! Love this time of the year!! Now if only the weather would cooperate .....

The Easter Bunny came ....

Mr. Bones
Liv just remembered what day it was .... :)
Love this!

So sweet .... seriously the only ok picture I could get of just both of them


Classy. Elegant. Love it.


Party Central

So yes it is true we seriously partied all week long with the boys. I had to post pictures from Matt's big birthday weekend .... I actually pulled off a surprise party for him on Friday and it was a blast! Saturday we partied some more and then on his real birthday, Sunday, we were at it again! I'm so glad he had a wonderful weekend!!

The ONLY picture of us .... yes and he looks a little retarded :)
Liv pretty much thought this was for her .... she was in heaven the whole time with all the kids
Matt's real birthday ....
Spoiled ....

Our little fam ..... poor Jack got really sick Friday and had a 104 degree fever and major ear infections all weekend long ..... so sad and scary .... but it still was a great weekend!


The big 30!

It was this hot tamales 30th birthday yesterday! We were a little too busy partying to get this up here!


Party On!

For Jack's birthday we pretty much celebrated for two straight days ... spoiled little kid! Sunday we had our families over for his monster birthday! He was obsessed with the blue cake and looked like a little smurf once he destroyed it .... Then on his actual birthday we went to the aquarium, lunch with daddy, dinner with grandparents, and build-a-bear ... phew! I think he was in heaven!! Hope this little guy knows how much we love him!!! Still can't believe he is one .....

The monsters I made .... yep that's right I did it all by myself

In his birthday shirt
this is a little out of order ... but he loved opening his presents ... and then eating the paper ...

And as you can see he held onto this little green balloon ALL NIGHT
He had like 30 people singing to him right here and it was so funny watching him!
Yeah seriously people ....
On his actual birthday!!
Loving his ice cream!!
At Build-A-Bear
His new University of Utah Monkey!
More presents ....
Way too many toys!! Both kids have been in this ball pit for like two days straight ... best gift ever! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!



Happy 1st birthday to our funny, sweet, little Jackson!! Seriously I can't even remember what life was like without this little guy! We love him SO much and are so lucky to have him a part of our family!!