The Living Planet Aquarium

This past week has been SO much fun and so busy!  We have been hanging out with Max and on Wednesday I took him and Liv to the Living Planet Aquarium .... to say they had fun is an understatement!!  I got a little taste of what it will be like to have two ..... and it is hard work but so much fun!  Max and Liv ran .... yes Livie is running! ... from place to place and were giggling so hard.  Max plays really well with Liv and is so cute to her and Liv just loves him!  We had a great time and they both had long naps afterwards :) 

Yes this picture is trouble!  It makes me nervous looking back and seeing 2 kids!
A little breather in between the running :) 
Cute cousins!
Olivia LOVES fish!


Erin & Jake are Married!

On Saturday my little sister Erin was married and it was awesome!  It really was amazing and every little detail fit her and her husband perfectly. Erin looked GORGEOUS and was just so happy, I loved it.  Everything was done at Log Haven and was just so small and intimate ... so nice.  Liv did steal the show while walking down the aisle and getting way too excited ... she really thought it was for her ... she will never recover from that birthday party of hers!  And yes her dress was my favorite part!  We just love Erin and Jake and are so happy for them!!!

Our little princess .... trying to steal the show :)
Our little fam
Their cake was AWESOME!
Our whole family ... and you can see Liv flirting with Jake's brother :)
Dad and his girls
The happy couple!

Yesterday was my sister Erin's wedding and it was AWESOME!!  Seriously it was amazing and everything fit her and her husband, Jake, perfectly.  Erin looked beautiful and was just so happy, I loved it. Everything was done at Log Haven and was just small and intimate .... so nice.  Liv did steal the show while walking down the aisle and smiling from ear to ear (she thought it was for her ... she will never recover from her birthday) Her dress was like a miniature wedding dress ... oh so fun!  I am so excited Erin and Jake are finally married and we just love them!


Baby Jenson!

My cute brother and sister-in-law had their second baby boy on Friday night.  Honestly I am in love.  I can't stop holding him!  And I really can't get over how tiny he is and how big my baby is!  It makes me sad how old Livie is!  But we are just loving little Jenson, especially Liv even though I won't let her close to him, and I am pretty sure he is the cutest newborn boy I have ever seen!
Baby Jenson!
Oh the good ole days :) 
Max and his baby brother .... Max will be partying at our house for a while and I am glad I will have someone else to entertain Liv!


Happy 2009!!

First and foremost GO UTES!!!! Wow what a game ...13-0!!  Just had to get that out ... anyways it is 2009!!  Hope everyone had a fun New Year's, we seriously had a blast!!!!  Probably the most fun New Year's yet!  We were up at my parent's cabin eating, watching movies, playing games (loaded questions is hilarious!), sledding, snowshoeing, and more.  Such a blast!!!!  
Yes that is right folks, Liv is walking!  She has been for over a week now and it is about time since for the past 4 months all she wants to do is walk back and forth with her shopping cart!
Messing around ... oh poor Matt!
Matt gave Liv her first Ding Dong .... oh boy ....
We were laughing so hard during the game Loaded Questions .... so fun!!
There were too many pics from playing in the snow ... :)

We had such an amazing and crazy 2008 and are ready to see what 2009 brings to our little family!  Hope you all had a fun holiday season, we love you all!!