6 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!

Oh my how time flies!!  Our sweet angel is 6 months old today!!!!!!  AH!!!  To me this is a HUGE milestone so I am trying to making it a special day.  I have made her half a birthday cake ..... yeah she can't eat it yet but I will probably let her try the frosting a little :), she slept in until 9:30 ... yahoo!, and we are swimming and going to the Bee's game later!  Here are somethings I love about Olivia.....
-  She is such a smiley girl and loves to flirt .... as long as mommy is holding her :)
-  She is a definite little spit-fire
-  Full of personality!!!!
-  She loves to play, but likes you to be right there
-  She LOVES being outside
-  She is a little water-doggie ...... loves the swimming pool!!
-  She loves getting little kisses and I swear she gives them back (yeah I know it is her just sucking on my cheek, but I like to think....)
-  She squeals so loud when she laughs
-  She LOVES her daddy ..... every night about 8 she starts getting hyper and looking around for him because she knows he is going to come and play with her
-  She is a wonderful sleeper ..... well at night, we are working on the naps ....
-  She loves to "talk" and looks at me like I should understand
-  I love how she still cuddles
-  I love how ticklish she is!
-  She just has the brightest smile that will light up anyone's day!!
We are so blessed!!!  She is just the best little girl ever and we are so lucky and amazed she is a part of our family!  We love our little Liv!!!


Father's Day!

I just have to let Matt, my Dad, & my Father-in-law know how much I love them!!!  Seriously they are all the greatest and do anything and everything for Liv and I.  We were fortunate enough to see both Grandpa's yesterday and get some pics with Liv and all the men in her life.  So cute!!  Matt is the cutest Daddy ever and Olivia just loves him to pieces!  It is so cute to see them play together.  I just love him so much and am so glad he is my sweet hubby!!!  Happy Father's Day ... yesterday!!


Zion's & Bryce Canyon

The past week we went down to Zion's and Bryce Canyon with all of the Nordhoff's and had a blast!!  Olivia did awesome once again and loves her cousins!!!  I mean she was giggling the entire time, it was hilarious!  It was a nice little getaway and was fun to have everyone there .... especially Britt ... so I think we should keep those walkie talkies with us all the time and talk during the day .....  :) love ya Britt!!!!!
Hiking in Bryce Canyon
Here we are at the Weeping Rock in Zion's Park .... once again Liv is excited about hiking!
We love swimming!!!!
Getting ready to go!  See a baby there?? 
Playing with her favorite cousins Max and Logan
Hiking in Bryce Canyon and yes she LOVES hiking (in all of the pics she is smiling her guts out) but I would too if I was carried!
In a little hole in the canyon at Bryce



Ok so the family that lived in our house before us were like super gardener's ..... I mean seriously.  And I am like wait what is a gardening?  So I have been attempting to garden the last few weeks and am proud to say that I went and bought flowers ALL BY MYSELF, I did have to have my mom explain what an annual and perennial were and what weeds looked like, yes I know I am ridiculous and just don't have a clue!  I just went and grabbed some "pretty" flowers and only two have died out of like 50 .... so I think it was successful .....  Anyways I went out yesterday and the family prior to us had planted two big peony plants and they are blooming and look gorgeous!  Peony's are my favorite flower and I was SO excited that I have some in my yard and that I didn't have to plant them! :) I am totally still learning, but at least I am trying right??