6 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!

Oh my how time flies!!  Our sweet angel is 6 months old today!!!!!!  AH!!!  To me this is a HUGE milestone so I am trying to making it a special day.  I have made her half a birthday cake ..... yeah she can't eat it yet but I will probably let her try the frosting a little :), she slept in until 9:30 ... yahoo!, and we are swimming and going to the Bee's game later!  Here are somethings I love about Olivia.....
-  She is such a smiley girl and loves to flirt .... as long as mommy is holding her :)
-  She is a definite little spit-fire
-  Full of personality!!!!
-  She loves to play, but likes you to be right there
-  She LOVES being outside
-  She is a little water-doggie ...... loves the swimming pool!!
-  She loves getting little kisses and I swear she gives them back (yeah I know it is her just sucking on my cheek, but I like to think....)
-  She squeals so loud when she laughs
-  She LOVES her daddy ..... every night about 8 she starts getting hyper and looking around for him because she knows he is going to come and play with her
-  She is a wonderful sleeper ..... well at night, we are working on the naps ....
-  She loves to "talk" and looks at me like I should understand
-  I love how she still cuddles
-  I love how ticklish she is!
-  She just has the brightest smile that will light up anyone's day!!
We are so blessed!!!  She is just the best little girl ever and we are so lucky and amazed she is a part of our family!  We love our little Liv!!!


Mackay Family said...

That is the cutest picture ever! I can't believe she is already six months old. Her smile is priceless! Hope you have a fun day today.

The Anderson's said...

I can't believe she is 6 months old already. Geez, I swear she was born yesterday. She is so beautiful Jess. You are so blessed to have such a sweet daughter. I just love her to pieces!

AshleeMattMaxJack said...

Happy half bday Liv!!! You are the luckiest little girl ever to have a mommy that makes you half a cake!! :) Jess you are the cutest mom EVER!!! I can't wait to see you two!

Annie Harper said...

Okay, that half a birthday cake thing is the cutest dang thing ever! I'm stealing it and claiming it as my own when I have children. She is 6 months old, and I have yet to see her in person....what the? That is unacceptable and I take full responsibilty! I totally agree that we all need to do dinner, that would be a blast!! I nominate you to plan it, cuz I suck like that, so I'll be waiting to hear! :)

Nordhoff Family said...

Happy Birthday Livy! That's cute you made a half birthday cake for her (well Matt)

the beus family said...

How cute that you made her a half cake! You are the cutest mom Jess, and she is so lucky to have such great parents.

Happy half-birhtday Liv! You are adorable!

Heather said...

Happy 6 months Liv!! That is the cutest idea, how come I didn't think of that? Love that picture it is SO adorable of her! Can't wait to see you guys.

Lisa and Oliver said...

Jess,remember me? I saw your blog through Kristen's and let me just tell you... Olivia is so darling!

Edwards Fam said...

I can't believe she is already 6 months old...and I've only seen her ONCE in that 6 months. How sad. :( We obviously need to get together WAY more often! Let me know when you're free! Oh, and happy 6 months!!!

Jane and Stuart said...

That first pic is adorable! I can't believe she is 6 months old and i have never met her. I am a bad friend. You are such a cute mom.