Its Been A While ....

Wow, has it been like a year since I last was on here? I have just been so busy with these two kiddos and just loving life! We have been up to a lot of fun, and these kids are growing like crazy! So I figured I'd give a little update on the crazies ....

Getting ready to go swimming in St. George
My Olivia
- SO grown up lately
- Currently taking dance & just started indoor soccer with her buddy Tanner and talks about it non-stop
- Is obsessed with Disneyland ... seriously not sure where this came from but she asks every day if we can go ... I am thinking we need to make a trip there soon
- Way into dressing up .... especially as Rapunzel
- Talking NON-STOP .... it's hilarious
- Is the best big sister with Jack and keeps an eye out for him putting things in his mouth
- She carry's little random toys around with her all day .... like today she has a book from a happy meal, a sticker, and a pig puzzle piece ... they go everywhere!
- Is still wild, lively, silly, & fun!

Valentines Day ... check out those shoes :)
Our favorite Saturday activity is bowling .....
- Is EVERYWHERE and is a monster .... in a good way ...
- Loves the stairs and playing on chairs
- Still a Momma's Boy .... :)
- Eats anything and everything that we give him ... his latest favorite are peas, popsicles, BBQ beef, and he loves turkey sandwiches ....
- Is still easy going, but has started to be A LOT more noisy
- Says Momma and likes to wave
- He is still such a giggler ... especially when he is tired
- He has a basketball toy and seriously plays with it all day long ... it is so cute watching him put the ball in the basket over and over and over again ....
- He is so much fun and LOVES his sister!!

Relaxing in the pool
Valentines ... this shirt fits him perfectly