When Your Husband Gets Bored ......

This shows up in your driveway!  LOVING IT!!


Lately .....

Here are a few of the things that we have been up to the past week!  We had a really fun, little play group at the Aquarium ... which is Olivia's most favorite place ... we really go about twice a week!  Thanks Kimmy we had a blast!  
I thought this was so cute of some of them looking at the fish
Liv wouldn't stop moving and that is why she is blurry!  But here is Liv, Easton, Gavin, Broden, & Taycie!  
We got Liv a swing set and this is the big box it came in!!  Liv played in it while Matt set it up and now she just LOVES her new swing set ... too bad it snowed two days later .... 
Playing outside!  We spent pretty much every day last week outside .... and now we have snow and poor Liv doesn't understand that so she cries every day to go out ... hurry and melt snow!


Oh How I Love My Wild Woman!

These pictures just make me laugh!!  Always on the move and keeps me on my toes ... LOVE her!!



Yes that is right .... pig tails!!  She didn't like it too much because she had to sit still, so who knows how often I will be able to do it, but I love it!!!  And no she doesn't wear the same thing every day ..... we are just running out of winter clothes that fit :)


Oh so fun ......

Is it bad that I am ready for time-outs and she is only 14 months??