Liv's First Easter

This Easter was so much fun with Olivia!  Yeah she had not a clue what was going on but the Easter Bunny did still show up :) and I got to put her in a pretty, little Easter dress for church.  My cute Mom had given me the bunny outfit at a shower and of course she had to wear it!!  Matt said it reminded him of Ralphie on A Christmas Story ...... I beg to differ!


Happy Girl

Liv is SO happy in the mornings, so I finally took a bunch of pictures.  She is just so much fun and cracks me up, her little personality is totally coming out and I love it!  As you can tell in the last picture she no longer wanted to cooperate ..... little stinker, but I still think it is pretty cute :)  (I also could not get the pics to turn... sorry)


12 Weeks Old!!!

Oh I just love my little Olivia so much and she is now 12 weeks old!!!  Ah!!  It has just flown by.  She is getting so big and is just so much fun!  Here are a few things I have figured out about my Liv .....
-  She HAS to be entertained, I can't just set her on a blanket and walk away ... oh no she will not have that!
-  She loves to smile and try and laugh
-  She is obsessed with her hands and is constantly knawing on them
-  She LOVES being around people, when we have her around a big group at a restaurant or the mall, she is in heaven and just sits and watches everything
-  She is a Daddy's Girl!  
-  She has found a new fascination with blowing bubbles
-  She loves to eat and likes everyone to hear how much she loves to eat
-  She loves to talk, when I talk to her she will coo and make noises right back .... definite girl!
-  She has ADD like her Daddy ..... always is moving and kicking those legs around
-  She hates going to sleep when people are over, she doesn't like being left out of a party!
-  She is constantly smiling in her sleep .... so funny!!
We are just so blessed to have Olivia a part of our family and love her so much!!


"The Stu"

Against my will, Olivia has decided to adopt Grandpa Stu's hairstyle, so I have lovingly named it "The Stu".  It consists of just a beautiful patch of hair on top, bald in the middle, hair on the bottom.  I mean seriously Olivia ....... For those of you who know Grandpa Stu will agree with me that their hair is so similar it is a little scary ..... sorry Dad I do love you!  I guess she has just been hanging around him a little too much these days ...... 


Loving Life!

We went to visit our friends the Mackay's and their sweet, new baby boy Tanner in the hospital on Saturday night.  A bunch of us were there with kids and we had to get some pictures!  Olivia was the only girl and as you can tell from the pictures she LOVES being surround by cute boys!! As soon as we set her in between the two boys she would not stop smiling, it was hilarious! But oh boy looks like we are headed for trouble with her! So from left to right is Brady, who is Scotty and Kristie's little guy and is 11 months old, little Livy who is now 2 1/2 months, & then Tanner who is not even a day old!  So fun!


Smokin' Shades!

Alright so I took Liv on a couple of walks and she hated the sun in her eyes, so I would have to angle myself funny to cover her ..... so I found these smokin shades and she LOVES them!  They are a little big, but hey it keeps her happy!  She gets mad when you are outside and take them off of her ..... crazy girl, but needless to say we are ready for summer!!