4th of July

So our 4th of July was a little different this year ... Matt decided to skip out on us for some stupid place called Alaska .... for an entire week .... yeah I know .... and then my Mom and sister decided to skip out on us as well .... double lame .... lucky for us my cute Dad had to stay back so he took us to dinner every night, played with the kids, and gave me a little break while everyone else was gone. We didn't do our usual partying but still had a good time. We went to a fun parade and little carnival which I didn't get any pictures of ... but Liv had the best time in all the bounce houses .... then that night just us and my Dad had a BBQ, did some fireworks ... which were like way too illegal and scared the crap out of all of us :) ... and just played!
I must admit that this was the hardest time EVER having Matt gone and I seriously do not know how single parents do it. By the end of the week I was physically and emotionally done and kind of felt like such a baby that I could barely last a week! I really lucked out with my Hubs and am so grateful for what a good daddy and husband he is!!

Love them
Eat this little man up
This is my favorite picture of Liv because this sums up her personality ... I tried to get her to hold still but she wanted to jump like a crazy woman to show me "how high her pretty cowboy boots let her jump"
This little girl does rides this stick horse ALL DAY LONG .... and we've had many "owies" from tripping over the thing
Playing with Grandpa!
He did this for probably 3 hours ...
Liv's favorite place at my parent's house
And this is what the Hubs was doing ..... in Alaska ..... lame :)


The Rodeo

Oh Oakley rodeo how I love you! It is one of my most favorite things to go to and I really look forward to it all year! Liv is my little cowgirl is had been so into horses, cowboy boots, and hats for a couple of years and I just this little gal! And Matt was a trooper .... he left the next morning very early for Alaska!

The little cowgirl
Oh I love this boy
My favorite picture
Loving the "princesses"
Best picture we could get ....