Big Girl Room!!

When we found out I was pregnant again I knew we had to get going on re-doing the extra bedroom for Liv. So the past little while that is what I have been up to and now it is all done! I must say it is my favorite room in the house now and Liv LOVES it!! Next step is having her sleep in her big girl bed ... wish us luck!


Half Way .....

This picture is for those of you who have been asking .... yes you know who you are ... non-stop for a pic .... Totally lame and I don't like posting pics of just me, especially now, but here I am in all my glory at 20 weeks. And yes your body sure knows what it is doing the second time around .... perfect ......


It's A .......

BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!


Fall Fun & Halloween!!

Like I have said before I LOVE fall and Liv and I have been able to have a lot of fun since I am FINALLY feeling better! Her new favorite thing is to run through the leaves and "help" rake them!
We were able to go to Gardner Village with my Mom and see all the fun witches .... love it there!
Grandma and Liv watching the ducks
Wearing her costume has been the highlight of this week .... and as you can see her fairy costume fits her personality to a T! Halloween was SOOOO much fun this year with her and Liv loved trick or treating and eating all the candy :)
Got to love the wings
During the day on Halloween we went to the Haunted Aquarium
Her new favorite part of the Aquarium .... the ginormous frog
Watching the sharks with Daddy
Yes that is ALL candy in there ....
Our little family, including baby boo you can see sticking out!

Trick-or Treating with our neighbors
We had some friends over after trick-or-treating and Liv and Tanner are two peas in a pod!
This is my favorite!!