Utah State

So my cute, little sister has been up at Utah State and Liv and I finally decided to visit her with my mom, a week before she moves home for the summer ...... at least we made it up there right??

My sister gave Olivia the cutest Aggie Ice Cream onesie and so she had to wear it up there!  Don't worry, Liv is still an avid U fan, but it sure is good icecream!

We had to make a special stop at my Grandma and Grandpa Thain's grave.  My cute Grandpa passed away right before my cousin and I found out we were pregnant and our kids were the first Great-grandchildren on that side.  So it was really neat to get a picture of Liv and I there.


Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!!

So today is my sweet hubby's birthday, the big 27!!!  I love him so much and am so lucky I got him!!!!  Here are a few reasons why Matt is the greatest.....
-  He would do anything for his girls
-  He is the GREATEST daddy ever, I love watching him with Liv
-  He is such a softy, especially when it comes to his baby girl!
-  He is so steadfast in the gospel
-  He is the funniest person I know
-  He has an obsession with cheese sticks, bundt cakes, & fruit by the foot and I just love it!
-  He treats me SO good, seriously just like a queen
-  He works so hard for us so that I can be a stay at home mommy, and I am so grateful for him for that!!!!!
-  He likes to sing songs about what he likes on his pizza ... you think I am kidding?
-  He constantly keeps me laughing, all day ...... and at night .....  and even when I am mad .....
-  He is such a great friend and would do anything for anyone
-  He is one of the most honest people I know
-  He always makes me feel so much better when I am upset or having a bad day

Seriously the list goes on and on.  Matt is such and amazing person and I am so in love with him!!  Happy birthday babe!!


St George

We had such a nice little weekend get-away in St. George.  It was so nice to get away!  Matt golfed and Liv and I just hung out.  Olivia was AMAZING in the car and we also took her swimming for the first time and she absolutely loved it!  It was hilarious!!  She luckily has her Daddy's skin and she got a little tan ...... so funny!  


First Pedicure

My sister and I have been DYING to paint Olivia's cute, little toes and we finally did!  Well Jenny painted them and I had to hold those wiggly toes.  We are going on a little getaway to St. George this weekend and I figured that if I was getting my nails done, Liv needed her nails done too!  Yeah and the only time she sits still is when she is sleeping and even then she moves like a crazy woman!!


Thumb Sucker!?!

Ok so what started out like this .......
Ended up like this!!!  Since birth Olivia has been OBSESSED with her hands ..... I mean obsessed!  They are in her face constantly and lately she has started "eating" them.  Well yesterday every time I turned around she was sucking on her thumb .... AH!!!