Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!!

So today is my sweet hubby's birthday, the big 27!!!  I love him so much and am so lucky I got him!!!!  Here are a few reasons why Matt is the greatest.....
-  He would do anything for his girls
-  He is the GREATEST daddy ever, I love watching him with Liv
-  He is such a softy, especially when it comes to his baby girl!
-  He is so steadfast in the gospel
-  He is the funniest person I know
-  He has an obsession with cheese sticks, bundt cakes, & fruit by the foot and I just love it!
-  He treats me SO good, seriously just like a queen
-  He works so hard for us so that I can be a stay at home mommy, and I am so grateful for him for that!!!!!
-  He likes to sing songs about what he likes on his pizza ... you think I am kidding?
-  He constantly keeps me laughing, all day ...... and at night .....  and even when I am mad .....
-  He is such a great friend and would do anything for anyone
-  He is one of the most honest people I know
-  He always makes me feel so much better when I am upset or having a bad day

Seriously the list goes on and on.  Matt is such and amazing person and I am so in love with him!!  Happy birthday babe!!


the Eggett's said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Matt! Hey Jess, thank you so much for calling me yesterday and leaving me that sweet b-day message. I did have a great birthday, so thanks!

cismckenziem said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Hope you had a nice birthday! Everything is so awesome in Denmark...I hope that Olivia is doing good...tell her I said hi from Copenhagen!

The Anderson's said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!

Osborne Family said...

Well done Matt that is quite the kill.. my husband Brad would give that two thumb way up! Jess you are so freakin cute.. and you guys are a cute couple. Hey does Matt go hunting with your dad Jess???

Heather said...

Happy Happy Birthday Matt!! Gotta love the pic with the gun and what appears to be a cookie? Too funny! We need to go out soon :)

Anika said...

Ohhh! Cute! We miss our next door neighbors!

the beus family said...

Happy late Birthday Matt! I love all of the pictures...you are so cute Jess!