Happy Anniversary Matty Pants!!!

Two years ago today Matt and I were married!!  I still can't believe it!  We have had such a crazy, fun, eventful two years ..... yes we almost have a one year old!!!  I seriously just love Matt more then anything, he is such a fun and amazing person and puts up with a lot from me!!  He knows how to make me laugh when I am upset and to turn everything positive.  He is such a good dad and just loves his girls too death!  I am just so in love with him and am so excited for the many years to come!!!


The Pumpkin Patch

Lovin the Pumpkins!!

Our silly, little pumpkin!!

Matt and I took Liv to a really cute little pumpkin patch right behind our home. It was tons of fun and so cute to see Liv all excited about the pumpkins, she LOVES pumpkins and didn't really want to look at the camera ..... I just love this time of the year!!!


Girl's Trip!!

My cute Mom decided that while the boys were gone hunting us girls were going to go have fun as well, so she booked my sisters and I a trip to California!!  It was a BLAST!!!  Liv came as well and really was an angel!!  We did so many fun things like go down around Hollywood, shop, eat way too many cupcakes, shop, go to the Santa Monica pier, shop, go to the beach, shop in Malibu, and eat a LOT of food!!!  Thank you Gab for all of the fun ideas, we did almost all of them!!  Also my cute aunt lives in LA and works at Nordstrom's Studio Services ..... which mean she works with all of the movie stars, their stylists, and all of the top tv shows getting them clothes .....  so thanks to her we met Christina Milian, Katie Holme's stylist, the Juicy Couture designers, then just randomly saw Brad Garrett from Everyone Loves Raymond ... yeah so pretty much we were living the high life!


My Busy Little Bee!

Ok so I know I have been slacking a little on this blog thing, but let me show you what has taken ALL my time ...... not that I am complaining because I just love this little girl more than anything, but man is she everywhere!!!!!
Climbing into her toy box ....
On her way to the fireplace and yes I am saying "No, no" and she is laughing at it ....
Taking a 2 second rest ...
Then it is back to her toy box, can't get enough of the toys .....
Yes she runs away while I am in the middle of changing her diaper ...
Then attacking me right after .... probably because I got nude photos :) 

Once I get her changed it is straight up the stairs at a rapid pace!

Oh and all of this took place in less then 5 mins ..... :)