These Boots Are Made For Walking....

Made the mistake of leaving these red beauties out .... the craziness found them and would NOT take them off .... even while running to Costco....


Flaming Gorge

We just got back from a quick trip to the beautiful Flaming Gorge! What a blast with the Nordhoff's and we realized that Olivia is a brave water & boatin girl!

Watch out people! This girl would not take these off!
My bathing beauty :)
Livie and Daddy playing in the water ... yes this girl wouldn't stop jumping in! She is a lot more brave than I ... the water was FREEZING!
Oh yes that is my hot hubby!

Crazy Daddy on the rope swing ... Bry started it and of course Matt had to do it too...
LOVE this
Playing in the dirt and water
Oh boy....... yes they almost died on this tube
Boys loving the fishing



A few of my favorite things that have happened this past week....

- Matt's 10 year High School reunion! Wish we would have taken some pics there, but we had a blast

-Fresh Utah Corn ..... mmmm!

-Liv and Logan together .... crazy! Love getting together with these guys during the week!

- DIRT and yes she is under our back porch...