I had to show pictures of Livie's pretty Christmas church dress!!  Too bad she wouldn't cooperate very well .... but oh so fun!

I just love this time of the year!!!!  Oh my it is so much fun with all the activities and parties with friends and family.  On Christmas Eve we went to the Thain's house and had so much fun!  We ate way too much food, opened Pajamas, and played games.  

The difference a year makes!!  
And here is last year's with our three day old baby!!
This actually was my favorite part of Christmas Eve, eating cookies, putting Liv's gifts together, & watching A Christmas Story just Matt and I!
Christmas Day!


Livie's Pink Polka Dot Party!

We had a big party for Liv last night and it was so much fun!!  We ended up only inviting immediate family and there were SO many people there!  Olivia LOVED the attention, especially when everyone sang Happy Birthday ... honestly I have never seen her so excited.  She got way too many presents ... good thing Christmas is just around the corner for another load of them :) The funniest part was her cake, the second she saw it she made a beeline over to it, but I had to hurry and get her clothes off so we wouldn't have a disaster!  I am so glad she had such a fun birthday, we tried to make it a special day and I hope she knows how loved she is!  We love our little Livie!!!!!!

Her favorite part of the decorations 
So fun decorating for this .... :)
Her cute cake!

Brithday Princess!!!
Mommy helping her open her gifts ... she did good there for a little bit!
Our little family!  (and I know I look pregnant in this picture but I am not ... sad day!!)
Big 1 year old!
She looks like she is eating her doll, but this is how she gives kisses!  She loves her dolly!
Dainty at first .... she actually kept putting her feet in it and then would eat it off her feet - ew!
Then with Dad's help she got way into it!! :)


Happy First Birthday Olivia!!!!!!

Happy first birthday our little angel!!!  Honestly I can't even believe this ...... words cannot express how unbelievable happy you make Daddy and I.  You are the sweetest little thing and full of spunk and personality, we just love it!  You have changed our lives for the better and we cannot imagine anything without you.  We can't even begin to express our gratitude for being able to be your parents, how did we get so lucky?  Here are a few of your most favorite things right now ...
- Showing 1 finger when we ask how old you are
- Clapping
-  Playing with Mommy's hair
-  Eating pudding .... thanks to Daddy
-  Crawling along the walls and furniture .... yes you could walk fine alone but are a little too scared to let go :)
-  Holding mommy's hands while walking upstairs over and over and over again
-  Running away when mommy tries to get you
-  You LOVE animals and love when we make the noises
-  Obsessed with books, they really entertain you for hours
-  Being outside
-  Getting into all the drawers in the kitchen
-  Playing in your tutu!
-  Cuddling with Daddy
-  Looking at pictures
-  Playing with the phone and remote control
-  looking at the snow
-  Playing in the laundry basket
-  Saying mama, dada, and hi
-  Getting into EVERYTHING :)
We hope you know how extremely loved you are!!!  There is so much more to say and I just can't even get the words to say it, but we love you more then anything and HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY OUR LITTLE OLIVIA!!!!


Busy Week!!

This week has been crazy so far!!  Every night we have stuff going on, but it is so much fun!!  I love doing all of this Christmas things!!  My pictures got a little out of order .... Amber I need your help with that! ... so sorry!  Matt and I took Livie to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point and she LOVED them!!  Honestly she was pointing and giggling the whole time! :) 

Livie and Daddy  .... see why she always has a bow on? :) 

On Monday night we went with some fun friends to see the lights at Temple Square .... yeah don't worry it was like 10 degrees, so it was a quick run but oh so fun!!  
Can anyone see the baby in there?? 

We had her bundled SOOO much and she was nice and toasty ... probably the only person down there that was!  She is like her Mom though and LOVES Christmas lights!
I had to post this picture .... we were going to get hot chocolate which was just around the corner so we threw her in her car seat with her huge coat on ... hahaha!  She was so mad .... but check out her new big girl car seat!  We are loving it!!!
Love this picture even thought you can't see Liv :)

So on Saturday my Dad turned the big 50!!  So of course we had to throw a big surprise party for him!!  He is so funny and HATES things like this, but this is what he gets for having all girls and turning 50!!  Happy Birthday Dad!!

This is the picture that got out of order .... but we were just loving the fun lights at Temple Square!

We still have a big dinner tonight, seeing out of town friends tomorrow, family Christmas party on Saturday, and Liv's birthday on Sunday!!!!!!!  Whew .... I am going to need a nap after this week, but I'm loving it!


Liv's One Year Old Pictures!!

So I am going to have a one year old in one week and I can't even believe it!  Honestly the past couple of days I have been kind of emotional about it, I don't know why, maybe because I don't have a baby anymore and she is just growing up way too fast.  I am just the luckiest person alive to have her as my daughter and I love her so much!!  We are excited for her pink polka dot party next week!! :) Once again sorry for all of the pics .... there were way too many and these were just a few .... Our photographer, Brittany Griffiths, is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!


Festival of Trees

This past weekend we were able to go to the Festival of Trees with my family.  I have gone every year as long as I remember and love it!  Olivia has been pretty sick and we have been up all night long the past few nights, so we were only there for a little bit, but it was still so much fun and Liv loved it!
This tree was Livie's favorite .... it was a big castle with gingerbread men .... she honestly wanted to look at the whole time and got mad when we walked away
This was AMAZING!!  It was hand blown glass and sold for $24,000!
This tree was my absolute favorite and it happened to by one done by an amazingly talented couple ... The Drapers ... and was for a sweet little girl that we know as well.  Seriously if I had things my way I would hire these guys to come and do my tree and entire house!!