Busy Week!!

This week has been crazy so far!!  Every night we have stuff going on, but it is so much fun!!  I love doing all of this Christmas things!!  My pictures got a little out of order .... Amber I need your help with that! ... so sorry!  Matt and I took Livie to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point and she LOVED them!!  Honestly she was pointing and giggling the whole time! :) 

Livie and Daddy  .... see why she always has a bow on? :) 

On Monday night we went with some fun friends to see the lights at Temple Square .... yeah don't worry it was like 10 degrees, so it was a quick run but oh so fun!!  
Can anyone see the baby in there?? 

We had her bundled SOOO much and she was nice and toasty ... probably the only person down there that was!  She is like her Mom though and LOVES Christmas lights!
I had to post this picture .... we were going to get hot chocolate which was just around the corner so we threw her in her car seat with her huge coat on ... hahaha!  She was so mad .... but check out her new big girl car seat!  We are loving it!!!
Love this picture even thought you can't see Liv :)

So on Saturday my Dad turned the big 50!!  So of course we had to throw a big surprise party for him!!  He is so funny and HATES things like this, but this is what he gets for having all girls and turning 50!!  Happy Birthday Dad!!

This is the picture that got out of order .... but we were just loving the fun lights at Temple Square!

We still have a big dinner tonight, seeing out of town friends tomorrow, family Christmas party on Saturday, and Liv's birthday on Sunday!!!!!!!  Whew .... I am going to need a nap after this week, but I'm loving it!


The Felts said...

HEHE my little busy bee :) It looks like you've had a blast!! I love little bundled up liv, she is so precious!

Mackay Family said...

So fun! You guys have been so busy! I am still bummed that we didn't see the lights that night...we are yet to go down there and it is only getting colder! She looks so cute all bundled up!

She looks so cute in her carseat! Are you liking it or no? We are going to buy Tanner's soon and I want to know if you love yours!

I can't believe Stew is "The Big 50!"