I had my sister take some pictures of my kids the other day and yes I am obsessed with them!!! She has been doing real estate photography for a while and is so good!! If anyone is interested her website, which is just getting set up, is www.pixelpea.com and you can email her at erin@pixelpea.com for more info. Aren't my kids cute? :)



Halloween was seriously so much fun this year with Liv! She loved every second and actually knew what was going on this year :) Having kids makes holidays so much more fun!!

Liv getting so excited to go to dance in her costume!
Carving pumpkins with Daddy the night before
Loving it! And yes she is in her underwear .... we are cool like that!
The Hot Dog and the Princess ready to go trick or treating!
Gotta love them....
All bundled and ready to go! And yes she wanted to take two buckets :)
Poor Jack all bundled up!
Trick or Treating!! We had to convince her that Cinderella wear's a coat and boots when it is cold outside ....
The loot