Nappy Time ....

Liv crashed on our bed today with her favorite little bear, I just had to get a couple of pictures because I thought it was so cute!  Don't you just love nap time ...... :) 


Over the Last Four Weeks .......

5 Emergency Room visits in the middle of the night  +  2 different hospitals  +  15 tests done  +  4 different specialists  + 9 prescriptions  +  3 blessings  +  1 surgery  -  30 lbs and 1 non-functioning gallbladder    =   1 extremely sick hubby!!!

I just had to thank everyone for their calls, prayers, help, and concern for Matt.  It has been a scary and crazy last few weeks not knowing what was wrong and if it was ever going to be solved.  We are just so grateful they were FINALLY able to figure it out ..... who needs a gallbladder anyway?  Matt had the surgery today and is a little out of it still, but we are home and he says he is feeling better!! :) 


My New Obsession and The Zoo!

Ok so my new obsession is Olivia's thighs!!!  Seriously I just want to eat them up all day long!  But honestly how can you not love those little legs when you see them??  Oh so cute!  Also in the first picture check out Matt's face .... haha a daily expression for him!

This past Tuesday for our little play group we went to the zoo.  It was SO stinking hot but was a lot of fun!  I have not been there in years and Liv was looking around a little but pretty much didn't care that much .... oh well next year will be the time to go a bunch!  Anyway it was just fun seeing those girls and having us get together!!  I love you guys!