Alright so the past month has been nuts with Liv hitting a ton of milestones!!  A month ago she got her first two teeth at the exact same time ..... needless to say it was DRAMA!!  Then about three weeks ago she started crawling, I really didn't think she would just because she was so content with rolling ...... but she is speedy fast and EVERWHERE!!!!  I mean honestly she is moving from the second she wakes up to the second she goes down ..... busy, busy girl!  The last little milestone is that a few days ago she started saying Mama!!  Haha, it is so cute!!  The only problem is that she loves to yell it ..... especially early in the morning ..... gotta teach her to say Daddy then..... I can't believe how big she is now!!  9 months!!!  We are just so blessed to have her and love her to death!!!


Our Little Liv

A little while ago we were able to get pictures taken of Olivia and I am loving them!!! I am so pleased with all of them that I can't even stand it!! Seriously the cute photographer did such an amazing job capturing all of her little expressions and Liv just hammed it up!! I am having such a hard time deciding which ones to enlarge .... so if you have favorites let me know! Beware I did post a ton but it is not even close to all of them - ah!!


Mmmm, Excuse Me What??

So yesterday I am out and about with Liv and I get a phone call from my dear brother-in-law, Bryan ..... He begins to explain that since Matt was gone all day hunting the boys decided to play a little joke on him and so therefore, there is a live goat in my back yard, yes I repeat a LIVE GOAT!  Being the brilliant boys they are when they get together, they see a goat for sale for $20 and decide they need to buy it and put it in our backyard!!  Needless to say, I had a pet goat for about 11 hours and he scared me to death .... every time I went to check on him he would try and head butt me, really ..... brilliant idea boys, just brilliant ..... the guys were nice enough to come over at 1 in the morning, record Matt's reaction to seeing a goat, and then kindly remove him from our yard, and I still have no idea what they did with him.  I will admit it was HILARIOUS, I have never laughed so hard coming home to a crazy, baaing goat, but just remember boys .... it is payback time ..........


Labor Day Weekend

getting ready for the Girl's weekend!
Her new favorite thing at the cabin is the swing
Got to love the fountains!

We had such a great weekend!!  Friday and Saturday Liv and I went up to my parent's cabin and had a blast!!  It was so fun to just relax and eat tons of good food.  Matt meanwhile was hunting ... tis the season and had a good time as well.  Sunday night we had a big get-together at our place with all of Matt's buddies and it seriously was so much fun!!  They are so funny when they get around each other and it was SO good seeing the Hansen's and Reese's.  I have decided that I am going to get Liv to go after one of the Hansen boys .... yeah they are so cute!  She already had a blast playing with them and all of the other kids, it was so funny to watch.  She could have cared less that Mom and Dad were there ..... which isn't exactly like her!  Monday we went down to Gateway and Olivia LOVED the fountains, she seriously wanted to run out there!  Ah I just love a good weekend!