I mean honestly how far can you shove that foot in there?????  Ok so Olivia's obsession with her hands has now transferred to her feet.  She LOVES them and loves to suck on them, it is hilarious!  Today she actually fell asleep with her toe in her mouth ..... by the time I found my camera she had moved, but honestly who does that?  


Rice Cereal!!!!

So tonight was the first time we gave Liv rice cereal, what a mess!!!!  We have been waiting a while because of how bad her reflux was and she did SO good!  Seriously just kept eating it and then spitting most of it back out, but at least she kept wanting it!  Haha!  We just are so grateful for this sweet, little girl!!


Viva Las Vegas & Mother's Day

Ok I had to post this picture, as you can tell we are in one of the many dressing rooms and Matt and Olivia are just loving life! :) 
How I love this little girl!!!!  She is a rollie pollie and had just rolled from her back to her tummy and was so proud of herself ..... also we were just getting ready to go swimming and she was SO excited about that.

Mmmm..... yes we were on the strip at 10:30 at night, with a 5 month old, and it was only 2 hours past Olivia's bedtime .... think she is tired?  Yeah Mother of the year award right here!

Matt and I decided to take a little family trip with just us and Liv, so yes we decided to take our sweet, precious angel to sin city and she LOVED it!  Olivia was so good the entire time and was seriously the hit of Vegas.  It was a little crazy how many people came up to us and made comments about her. We stayed at the new Wynn hotel and it was amazing!!  Our little trip pretty much consisted of eating really good food, a little too much of it, and shopping like crazy .... such a nice getaway with just the 3 of us!

We got home from our trip the day before Mother's Day and unfortunately on the way home I got really, really sick and am still not feeling good.  So I spent almost all of my first Mother's Day in bed, which is not fun, but Matt and Liv made me so happy!  They seriously have been taking great care of me and Matt spoiled me so much for Mother's Day.  I just love him so much and LOVE being a mom, it is the greatest thing ever!!!  I also am so grateful for my sweet mom and for my great mother-in-law as well, they are the best!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!



Oh my how beautiful it is when the weather decides it wants to be!  We have a huge, old swing set outside that has a baby swing attached to it and I decided to give it a shot with Liv.  She LOVED it!!!  Seriously giggled the entire time and was pretty mad when I finally took her out!  I seriously just love this little girl so much, she is SO much fun!!!  She is all smiles and laughs!