12 Weeks Old!!!

Oh I just love my little Olivia so much and she is now 12 weeks old!!!  Ah!!  It has just flown by.  She is getting so big and is just so much fun!  Here are a few things I have figured out about my Liv .....
-  She HAS to be entertained, I can't just set her on a blanket and walk away ... oh no she will not have that!
-  She loves to smile and try and laugh
-  She is obsessed with her hands and is constantly knawing on them
-  She LOVES being around people, when we have her around a big group at a restaurant or the mall, she is in heaven and just sits and watches everything
-  She is a Daddy's Girl!  
-  She has found a new fascination with blowing bubbles
-  She loves to eat and likes everyone to hear how much she loves to eat
-  She loves to talk, when I talk to her she will coo and make noises right back .... definite girl!
-  She has ADD like her Daddy ..... always is moving and kicking those legs around
-  She hates going to sleep when people are over, she doesn't like being left out of a party!
-  She is constantly smiling in her sleep .... so funny!!
We are just so blessed to have Olivia a part of our family and love her so much!!


Heather said...

She is just too cute!! I love her cute outfits :)

The Buckley's said...

Oh she sounds lie lauyrn. You always have to entertain her. GOOD LUCK! They keep you goin! She is soooo cute though!

Sydney said...

Loved all the things about Liv! She is such a doll! Last night was tons of fun!

the Eggett's said...

oh that list is so cute! It is so fun to have babies that are the same age! I agree, we do need to get them together soon!

the beus family said...

Jess...Olivia is so cute! I love babies that are always moving and have to be apart of everything! They have so much life! And one of my favorite things is babies smiling in their sleep, it's the best!

Anika said...

Jess- can you leave your email address on a comment on my blog? We are going private and I want to invite you. Thanks!


Annie Harper said...

Hey Jess, it's your couz (I don't know my "cool lingo" spelling)Andrea! I have a blog now. How cool am I? I got your link off of Heather's page and it is so cute! I'm not up to your talent level on this yet, but I'll try to give you a run for your money soon...hahaha. Olivia is a doll, I haven't seen her in person yet, I can't belive myself. I don't have klids yet so I can't participate on the walks you and Heather go on...maybe I could bring my dog... ha ha. (sorry about the novel, I'm blogger happy right now)

Whitney said...

What a cute little girl you have!! It's so fun to hear all about her since I can't see her!