Its Been A While ....

Wow, has it been like a year since I last was on here? I have just been so busy with these two kiddos and just loving life! We have been up to a lot of fun, and these kids are growing like crazy! So I figured I'd give a little update on the crazies ....

Getting ready to go swimming in St. George
My Olivia
- SO grown up lately
- Currently taking dance & just started indoor soccer with her buddy Tanner and talks about it non-stop
- Is obsessed with Disneyland ... seriously not sure where this came from but she asks every day if we can go ... I am thinking we need to make a trip there soon
- Way into dressing up .... especially as Rapunzel
- Talking NON-STOP .... it's hilarious
- Is the best big sister with Jack and keeps an eye out for him putting things in his mouth
- She carry's little random toys around with her all day .... like today she has a book from a happy meal, a sticker, and a pig puzzle piece ... they go everywhere!
- Is still wild, lively, silly, & fun!

Valentines Day ... check out those shoes :)
Our favorite Saturday activity is bowling .....
- Is EVERYWHERE and is a monster .... in a good way ...
- Loves the stairs and playing on chairs
- Still a Momma's Boy .... :)
- Eats anything and everything that we give him ... his latest favorite are peas, popsicles, BBQ beef, and he loves turkey sandwiches ....
- Is still easy going, but has started to be A LOT more noisy
- Says Momma and likes to wave
- He is still such a giggler ... especially when he is tired
- He has a basketball toy and seriously plays with it all day long ... it is so cute watching him put the ball in the basket over and over and over again ....
- He is so much fun and LOVES his sister!!

Relaxing in the pool
Valentines ... this shirt fits him perfectly


The Edwards Family said...

Oh my gosh! We are like the same people...we got Asher the same swimming suit Jack has, we were going to get Emery the same one Olivia has but they didn't have it in her size, and Emery has those same princess shoes that Olivia has. Too funny!

Whitney said...

Jack is getting so big! I love his hair! It looks like you are staying busy.