Baby Jenson!

My cute brother and sister-in-law had their second baby boy on Friday night.  Honestly I am in love.  I can't stop holding him!  And I really can't get over how tiny he is and how big my baby is!  It makes me sad how old Livie is!  But we are just loving little Jenson, especially Liv even though I won't let her close to him, and I am pretty sure he is the cutest newborn boy I have ever seen!
Baby Jenson!
Oh the good ole days :) 
Max and his baby brother .... Max will be partying at our house for a while and I am glad I will have someone else to entertain Liv!


gay said...

tell cam and mel congrats! i almost forget she was pregnant!!!

aaron and steph said...

They really do grow so fast! Your family is so cute!

The Felts said...

I see a little baby hunger in those words ;)

Mackay Family said...

I agree with the Felts! Are you sure are not hiding something? Max looks so cute holding his baby brother!

Todd Sansom said...

don't know them, but best wishes. neato! great job! ...and who the heck is gay?

the beus family said...

Jess!! First off, it is so fun to look at all of this, you are the cutest mom. Sorry I've been so bad at blogging, but very excited to see Olivia walking! You can tell she is just the luckiest girl ever to get such awesome parents.
And I love to hear the baby hunger-keep it coming Jess!