4th of July

I seriously just LOVE the 4th of July ... BBQ's, fun, swimming, fireworks, so nice! This year included all of the above ... we had such a fun BBQ in our back yard with lots of family and let the kiddo's play in the little pool and run wild. It was such a great time and I love seeing these cousins play together ... especially Liv and Logan, because they are like siblings! They are major trouble ... because my child teaches Logan, who is OLDER, naughty things .... yes Britt I apologize, she is her Father's daughter! But it is always so much fun with them, love having Britt as a sister! And thanks to her we found a killer spot to watch fireworks, which will probably be a tradition now ... oh so fun!!

Love this picture! She is so focused and got all the boys pouring water everywhere ....
Gotta love best friends!
I am pretty much obsessed with this little guy, SO CUTE!! Seriously he is always so happy!!
Ok, ok maybe this is my favorite picture .... like I said she is her Father's daughter!!!
Both Liv and I are a little obsessed with shoes .....
Fireworks!!! Britt had these two on her lap for like ten mins ... which in Liv time is a miracle!! Please ignore the binky AGAIN, we are working on it ..... :)


Mackay Family said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome day! Jealous that you have a best friend as a sister-in-law too! Love the pic of Liv and the corn...that is hilarious! It is so fun that Liv and Logan are so close in age and have so much fun together.

Kate said...

What a cute little family you have! Can I ask you where you got your cute shirt? It is so cute! You can email me at Kt.cloward@gmail.com!

the beus family said...

love liv's swimsuit and shoes, so cute! i love her little stance as she eats the corn too! and yes, that is so fun that you and britt are sisters-doesn't get better than that(just a little jealous).

Nordhoff Family said...

So much fun! Thanks for letting us destroy your backyard!