Breakfast With Santa

This past Saturday we went to Thanksgiving Point and had breakfast with Santa .... it was AWESOME! We seriously are doing this every year! We got to see Santa and get pictures, eat a yummy breakfast, frost and decorate sugar cookies, make fun crafts, and get "frosty" painted on Liv's face! Such a fun day!!

Mrs. Claus & the Grinch
Liv HATED the grinch :)
Mommy & Liv
Getting ready to see Santa
SANTA!! Liv was awesome and even talked to him about Frosty the Snowman ... yes she is OBSESSED
Coloring her Christmas list
Getting Frosty painted on!


Jessica Munk said...

Zac LOVES Frosty too! oh and I can't forget Crystal!

Kate said...
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Kate said...

What a fun thing! I know I am always asking you about your cute clothes, but can you tell me where you got your cute shirt and cardigan? Thanks! Liv is so cute!

Mackay Family said...

So much fun! You guys are doing tons of fun things this season. Love Liv's boots!


So fun! Tess would love something like that. What fun holiday events...i just love this time of year!!

Annie Harper said...

Cute! I had no idea they even did this at Thanksgiving Point. How festive of them :) And Liv is just delicious as ever. Can't wait to see how cute your next will be too!

The Funky Bunch said...

Well aren't you guess being all festive!!! How fun! I bet Liv just loved this! I Can't/CAN wait for Sophie to be able to enjoy this stuff!