Friday was Matt's birthday so we had a ton of fun playing that night!!  
Liv getting ready to give Daddy his gifts
At the yummy Spaghetti Factory!
Our little family!
Way too much sugar!!
Yep don't even know what to say here .... :)
Yesterday my Mom and I went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  It was AMAZING!!  The only downfall was that it was $10 and with a little kid that doesn't last too long, that is kind of a lot.  Olivia loved it and kept oohing and ahhing at everything.  
Mommy and Livie .... she only wanted to look at the flowers, not the camera!e
Liv and Grandma at the cool waterfall
I took way too many pictures of the flowers ... they are gorgeous!!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday to Matt! I love B-days, so fun. I am going to the Tulip Festival today, you got me excited! Tell Matt that is an awesome picture ;)

Mackay Family said...

Love the too much sugar picture! Looks like Matt had a fun birthday! We are still sad that we couldn't come over on Friday. Cute pics from the tulip festival! Your mom is so cute!

Megan said...

Cute! We have been going there so much, I love it! We have a pass and it's totally worth it! You should get one while Livi is still under 3 it's only fifty bucks!