So today has been a dousy .... like I am ready for bedtime and to start fresh tomorrow ..... broken furniture, coloring on walls, MANY meltdowns, Daddy home way past bedtime tonight, and to make things worse I went to lunch with one of my best friends and her adorable little girl .... and my kids turned into crazy monsters ..... no joke ..... screaming, hitting, crying, running, throwing everything ..... nightmare ..... I think we scared my friend too death .... seriously, and she is like 8 months pregnant with her second ..... So during nap time I am on the computer to try and take a breather and look at all the Fall lovelies. Have I mention how much I love the Fall ... the activities, the food, the cooler weather, and the clothes, oh the clothes! Here are some of my favorite things right now .....

- I would die for these boots in saddle, but when I saw the price tag I about died
- Cozy sweater
- Perfect bracelet
- This fun skirt
- Delicate necklace
- Love these shoes too


Kristen said...

Oh come on...you did not scare me at all you silly girl! It was so much fun! I am so glad we were able to go to lunch at the spur of the moment after our busy days. You have the cutest kiddos...it was just one of those days. :) Call me if you need help...seriously! Love you!

By the way....I almost bought that striped shirt at the mall today! So cute!

gay said...

Lol Jess I love ya! I guess we are guaranteed really really bad days every now and then. I'll text Matt and let him know that your birthday list is officially made!!!

Whitney said...

Oh Jess!

I just hate, hate days like that. I am so sorry, but glad that you got to have a breather on the computer for a minute. I put up my favorite things list just for you tonight. :)

Let's get this girls Vegas trip planned stat.

The Stringham's said...

you are darling! i'm sure your kids were fine..but we always think the worst :). as for your list...LOVE it. love it all. i love fall fashion more than the others. hang in there!

Matt & Jenny said...

haha I just pictured liv... don't know where she gets all of her energy! You better start putting out more if you want to get everything on that list jessica... I do know one thing you forgot to add... unless you don't want to add it to your list because I just got it :)

Jenni said...

Oh, sounds like a typical day out with my boys and I! =) I feel your pain girl...we all have those days. Love the cute things you found...those shoes and that sweater from Anthro are both on my love list right now too!