While Matt was doing this .... Liv and I were in California having the best time ever!!
Our awesome friends invited us to come stay with them in their AMAZING house and we were in heaven!!!! All we did was play, relax, shop, eat, and then eat and shop some more .... seriously that is the life!

Dallin and Liv .... he was always holding her hand .... love it
Dallin, Liv, and Porter at the fun park
Their favorite game was running around and tackling Liv and yes she LOVED it!
Tub time!!
We went to the coolest place called Fo-fo Figgly's ..... amazing for kids. They were all seriously in heaven
Liv and I on the big slide!
This is the only picture we got of Gay and I .... I look scary, but one day we had her AMAZING babysitter watch all four kids all day and we went to Santa Barbara for a much needed girl's day! Loved the food, shopping, and spa! Yes isn't Gay the best?
Of course my pregnant belly would not let us go to California and not get Crumbs cupcakes .... they are so amazing!!
We were hanging out at the fun Third Street Promenade and saw Legend from SYTYCD .... if you watch you should recognize him. He was a nice guy and they were filming a little segment for the show .... we had front row seats!
He pulled cute Dallin on stage to dance and it was the CUTEST thing I have seen .... too bad we didn't have our camcorder!
Liv was dancing around like a crazy woman .... she loved it
This is what our trip did to her .... loving it! We had such a blast and can't wait until next year!!!


The Greenwoods said...

how fun!!! I would say I am jealous but we get to go see them in 1 1/2 weeks!!! we are so stoked :) I love fo fo Figglies!!! i think we should open one here!!!

Whitney said...

Looks like a fun trip! Too bad we didn't meet up with you guys. Next time for sure!

Mackay Family said...

What a fun trip! Liv looked like she was in heaven the whole time. We need a Fo Fo Figglies to open here from what you told me about it. It sounds like the best place!

the Eggett's said...

I am jealous! What a fun trip!

Jamie said...

How fun! Love Gay!

gay said...

jess just watched some legacy on tv. maybe liv and B will have upcoming airtime!