California Lovin'

BEST.VACATION.EVER. Loved every second!! This was the first "real" time I have left my kids and the first time since our HONEYMOON it was just Matt and I going away .... yeah we were due!! We went to California to visit some great friends and had such an amazing time with them!!! We did so much, ate so much great food, and shopped so much! My perfect vacation!
Most amazing red velvet pancakes & cookie crust french toast ... Sprinkles Cupcakes ... renting beach cruisers and riding down the beach ... Yummy Mexican food ... Santa Monica Pier ... Matt getting beat up by the boys :) ... Shopping ... Kaia! ... Dodgers game ... Laughing so hard SO Late at night and now not remembering why ... U2!!! ... Dodger Dog ... Shopping ... Diet Coke ... NO KIDS to worry about!!!!! ... listening to the boys laugh and laugh ... doing whatever we wanted whenever we wanted ... starting an obsession with Lululemon ... boys golfing at way too nice a course ... relaxing at the beach ... almost peeing my pants from laughing too hard ... and just having time with Matt and I!! Seriously Hansen's we cannot thank you enough!!! And our kids were in HEAVEN with Grandma and Grandpa - this needs every year!!

Getting ready to land in Cali!
The most AMAZING pancake and french toast EVER!!
HAD to go here :) so yummy!!
The beach!
Santa Monica Pier

Matt and I hung out just us for a long time on Friday and had SO much fun on these beach cruisers!!
Gay and I .... had way too much fun with this girl! ... and don't mind my triple chin....
Dodger's Stadium
Miss Kaia ... seriously the cutest little thing ever! She was the happiest little girl I have ever seen!!
Getting seated at the U2 concert



Todd and Jenn said...

Your trip looks amazing and you always look gorgeous! Sometimes it's so nice just to get away together.

Kristen said...

SO FUN! I am in need of a vacay! Your beach pictures are making me want to go so bad!

The Stringham's said...

ok so fun! Looks like a blast. Every now and then you just need to get out. Glad you had a fabulous time. Can't wait to get together. I will call you...
ps you are darling!

gay said...

So glad we had the weekend together! As always can't wait til the next time... ESP til the next time we get to laughing like that! Lol!

Mackay Family said...

What a fun trip! So glad that you guys had such a great time.

Ready for another trip yet? :)

Whitney said...

What a fun fun fun trip!! It is so refreshing sometimes to get away with just the two of you. Santa Monica is the perfect place!