Husband Tag!!  Thanks Beej, Matt is so excited ..... ha ha!

What is his name?  Matthew Clyde Nordhoff
How long have you been married? One and a half years!!
How long did we date?  We seriously dated for a year, but our first date was about 6 months before that .... 
How old is he? 26, almost 27!
Who eats more?  We normally I would say Matt, but honestly this nursing thing makes me want to eat 24 hours a day and I pretty much do!
Who said I love you first?  Matt did on New Year's Eve
Who is taller?  Matt by far and I love it
Who sings better?  HA!  Do you even need to ask?  Have you heard my voice? A lot of people don't know this but Matt has an amazing voice, I keep trying to get him to audition for America Idol .... so to answer the question it is Matt ... I am pretty much tone deaf
Who is smarter?  Well I loved school and liked to study and all of that, but honestly Matt is really smart and knows so much more then I do .... thanks a lot school ....
Who's temper is worse?  I would maybe have to say Matt by a little ..... I have actually never seen his temper, but I have heard stories .... :)  
Who pays the bills?  I do and I love it!
Who cooks dinner?  I attempt it, but Matt is great on the grill and can cook a mean chicken and rice
Who is more stubborn?  mmmm..... Maybe Matt by a little .... he is the baby in his family, need I say more?  haha love ya babe!
Who's parents do you see more?  Well since our parents live about 30 seconds from each other, it is about the same
Who has more friends?  We hang out with my friends more, but Matt is friends with EVERYONE, seriously he is
Who wears the pants?  We both do on certain things I would say.....
Who eats more sweets?  Oh my .... me by FAR!!  I am obsessed with cookies and cupcakes ..... great obsessions huh?
Guilty Pleasures?  Mine are sweets and shopping and Matt's are hunting and golf!
Who mows the lawn?  Well I am going to say Matt will, we had an HOA that did it until we moved .... I never have and it is a scary thought to see me try and do that!
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?  When you are looking at the bed I am on the left, farthest from the door ......
Who kissed who first?  Matt did, but I wasn't complaining!
Who asked who out first?  Well it was Matt with help from Britt and Bryan, I think they had to convince him to take me out!!
Who proposed?  Matt did up at Silver Lake, he wrote it on a rock ... so cute!  What a great day!!!
What is my favorite thing about him??  Man that is hard...... I would have to say how well he takes care of his girls.  He does everything for us!  Me and Liv are so lucky to have him!!!
I will tag whoever is up to the challenge of doing this!!!


Heather said...

Cute! Hey those websites are busybabywraps.com and obuba.com Our walk was so fun yesterday, maybe we should go get a cupcake and then go to the park and walk it off!!

the beus family said...

So cute and so fun to read! I've never met Matt, too bad cuz he sounds like a great guy (must be to get a great girl). Thanks for doing it Jess!

the Eggett's said...

That is so sweet! I love Matt. You two really are the cutest couple too.